Dream Tempest is the 6th studio album from the mysterious 36. More optimistic than previous works it showcases a glowing melancholy amongst its dreamy soundscapes. The producer has stated  "I wanted it to be inspirational as well as downcast; playful as well as moody. I don't want to write music that is discarded when the next big trend or genre blows up. I want to create something that you can listen to 10-20 years later and still feel a connection to."

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Dream Tempest by 36
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8/10 Clinton 24 July 2014

There’s something very ‘Tubular Bells’ about the opening title track of this latest opus by the mysterious soundsourcerer known as 36. It has a new-agey mystical feel only enhanced by the use of 70’s sounding synth sounds. ‘Neon Sunset’ is the ultimate in relaxathon music with its billowy foggy pools of ambience, you can almost visualise a view across a misty resort as the sun either comes up of goes back down again. Reminding me a little of the better BVDub stuff,  its a beatless voyage into dream-like bliss.

The album continues this theme, I’m reminded of Aphex Twin ‘Selected Ambient Works’ on the slowly descending notes of ‘Sun Riders’. What I love about the album is that there is no dissonance, sometimes with ambient music there is a tendency on behalf of the artist to not make it too nice, to strike a note of dischord but this is purely easy on the ear throughout, providing a becalmed, dreamscape that could settle even the most active of minds.  

My favourite pieces are those which keep things simple, use undulating dreamy synths fading in and out of the mix, ‘Play’ and ‘Enshrined Exit’ being particular highlights, I’m a little less keen on some of the tinkly, music box type pieces that crop up from time to time but  overall this an album full of gorgeous sounds.


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