Four Tet's 'Beautiful Rewind' was super referential, calling back the dance music it was inspired by and paying homage to the UK's pirate radio scene. These three remixes of his most dance/garage influenced work ever continue his propulsive intent, with a hypnotic beat from Jay Daniel to complement "Aerial" and an attempt to go deeper down the rabbit hole and turn "Buchla" fully house from Steven Davis Jr. 'Beautiful Rewind Remixes' supplements Four Tet's original content well, trying to mirror his enthusiasm for making honest-to-god dance music. 



  • Aerial (Jay Daniel remix)
  • Buchla (Seven Davis Jr remix)
  • Crush (PhOtOmachine remix)

Vinyl 12" £6.99 TEXT032

Ltd 12" on Text inc. Jay Daniel, Seven Davis Jr and PhOtOmachine remixes * ONE COPY PER CUSTOMER *.

Sold out.



Beautiful Rewind Remixes by Four Tet (Fourtet)
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8/10 Clinton 18 July 2014

This is a 12" of Four Tet remixes. We've ran out of time to do our usual in depth assessment of this work but a quick play through suggests that its completely fine. Its going to be sold out by the time you read this anyway. 

8/10 Andrew 12th February 2015

It's Four Tet on Text, not quite the buy on sight or you'll miss it label it was a couple of years ago, but still pretty good.

The Jay Daniel mix of Ariel pootles along nicely, its bird song atmospherics adding a nice light touch to a fairly techyish groove. Its all quite lovely, if a little lacking in any particular hook that would really draw you in. Photomachine take on Crush and turn in a lightly thrumming deep house tune with ghostly vocals and the odd beep to keep the interest, it kind of picks up as it progresses. Far from banging, but effective enough, especially around two thirds of the way in when a nice deep bass stab kicks in and takes the track into darker territory. I kind of wish this section was longer as you feel the tracks just getting going before it quickly ends.

Lastly you get Seven Davis rework Buchla which again is a techy sounding deep house groove with ghostly female vocals, a bit more funk than the other two and nicely bouncing once it locks in.

All in a decent 12" worth adding to your collection. Just wish that another Locked or Pyramids could be unleashed though.


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