The Dixon Avenue Basements Jams star ascends to the heavens and beyond with a cold crushin killer from Modini. These are BONAFIDE summer jams, just in time for the lick of heat we're having and perfect for slamming on whilst you scrape the melted tarmac off the road with a twig and guzzle bombastically coloured fizzy drinks. Or alternatively, if you happen to be a fully grown-ass person, a 3-day roof party might do the do.

The cut of Modini's jib takes the shape of fully fledged Funk cloak woven from the silk of the Brazilian Wandering Spider, and adorned with jewels purchased on the black market from what is believed to have been a cache belonging to Black Caesar, most likely from his days of pillaging the Florida Keys circa 1718AD. Bleepy House jams and halloween synth flurries belting out the mix, slabs of knee-grazing boogie and bulldozing dance floor drama - MODINI: Hear thy name and know the essence of rhythmic grooooove.  

With this release DABJ presents the first in a series of limited edition monotone prints (pictured below) from Dan Axon - simple ink on paper describing the energy of DABJ; it's origins, people, music, direction and future.)

Limited Vinyl 12" £8.49 DABJ-1211

12" on Dixon Avenue Basement Jams inc. limited edition monotone print.

  • Limited edition
Sold out.



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