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The 2nd album in The Head’s impressive canon, was originally released on Sweet Nothing Records (SNLP007/CD) in July 2000; now, 14 years later “Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere” has been repackaged with a full compliment of bonus material from that period (7” tracks, B- sides, Mans Ruin 10” / CD tracks, Radio 1 session tracks, and compilation tracks). All the tracks have been fully re-mastered by Simon Price and Shawn Joseph.

Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere is the bands favourite album. It represents the full force of the Heads’ psychedelic pummel, their trippiest most psyche collection, brutal yet beautiful.


The Hardcover / full colour boxset is limited and numbered to 1000 copies only: it features the remastered original double album in its gatefold sleeve, the double album of extra material from the time - also in a deluxe gatefold sleeve. A single live album "bootleg" (pressed on neon yellow vinyl) from the 2000 USA tour called "California Jams", and a 70+ minute CD of material that is previously unreleased, culled from the dozens of rehearsal / demo archival CDrs that Simon Price has from this time.

Various items of ephemera are also included in the box. a full size 8 page booklet will be inserted in album one with sleeve notes, pictures, track information, in the live album will be a full size 8 page photo /tour diary attempting to detail some of the USA 2000 tour. a huge 4 foot by 2 foot folded poster with the classic blue/red girl tshirt image, a vinyl sticker of same image, and a Download code postcard with a link to Download the two LPs as MP3. The box itself with then be wrapped in a specially printed Heads tote bag.

The 2LP version:

Black vinyl, gatefold sleeve: the album (remastered) in the format it was originally released, with full DL postcard.

The 2CD version:

Double CD, wth 12 page booklet (same as the first LP booklet), CD has the album, CD 2 has all the bonus tracks from LP two in the boxset. Wrapped in a full colour O-Card.


Clear pink vinyl reissue 2LP on Rooster - limited tour edition copies.

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  • Limited edition
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Deluxe LP box set £84.99 ROOSTER20BX

SHIPS FREE IN THE UK! Ltd 5LP box set on Rooster inc. poster, sticker and booklet. Limited to 1000 numbered copies. Numbers 1-500 will have LP one on red vinyl, numbers 501-1000 will have that LP in black vinyl. ONLY BLACK VINYL AVAILABLE.

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  • Limited edition
  • Includes download code
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Double LP £19.99 ROOSTER20LP

2LP on Rooster.

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2CD on Rooster.

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Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere (Remaster) by The Heads
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10/10 Mike Staff review, 20 August 2014

Here, finally, is the long-awaited reissue of The Heads' second album 'Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere', arguably the shiniest jewel in the psych-fuzz monsters' glittering canon. They've gone all-out with this one, with a fancy expensive 5LP+CD box for the die-hards as well as a regular 2LP edition and a 2CD version with the album and some of the bonus stuff from the box.

The album itself is a 16-track monster which contains not only some of their heaviest, fuzziest and most psychedelic music but also some of the most varied, punctuating the driving, rumbling riff-monsters like 'Could Be', 'Legovaan Satellite' and the ear-scouringly distorted 'Dirty Water' with dreamy lounge-psych ('Kraut Byrds'), understated wobbly guitar and drum shuffle in 'Wobble', trippy backwards tape loops on 'My My' and even a surprisingly Britpoppy bit of jangle'n'slice indie in the nonchalant 'Barcoded'.

While it's not as immediate as its predecessor 'Relaxing With...', 'Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere' sees The Heads explore their uniquely fuzzy sonic territory with a seemingly careless curiosity, conjuring up this filthy, meandering, indulgent monster of an album. It still sounds totally amazing and it comes as no surprise to me that it's the band's favourite of their albums. Essential stuff for fans of heavy, fuzzy psych.

8/10 Mr Mutant Customer review, 11th December 2014

Well, there are a lot of 10/10 reviews here. Something has got to be pretty bloody amazing to earn that in my book!

Whilst I do like this record, reminding me amongst other things of Mudhoney, I'd have to go with an 8/10. Noisy with some good tuneage - pretty much sums it up.

Great cover!

Also worth noting is the download code. As well as contents of the double album you also get a whole stack of other material too, equating to a quadruple album! Not bad.

10/10 Josef Weinbacher Customer review, 19th October 2014

Endlich ist dieses Album wieder zu haben. Feinster power-noice-psychedlic-rock in bester Aufnahmequalität.

Zudem mit Bonus CD mit raren Single-Veröffentlichungen. Man ist hin-und her gerissen welche CD zuerst laufen soll.

Mein Lieblingsstück : Dirty Water,und Mao Tinitus.

Auch die Aufmachung der Doppelcd ist gut gelungen. Kartonschuber und Jewlcase herausziehbar. mit ausfürlichem Booklet mit vielen Bildern und Beschreibungen der ersten Veröffentlichung dieser herausragenden Band.

10/10 Waffler Customer review, 18th October 2014

Awesome box set containing a host of randomness. But forget all that, the price of entry it's worth it for the super psychedelic poster alone, depicting their 'At last' cover in a mind bending red and blue that refuses to stay still. The main event delivers with cult classic so called 'stoner rock' - for me this is the one band that actually delivers that total immersion that I used to get at those gigs where you've perhaps taken a little too much and just become one with the sound and the hot and sweaty atmosphere around you. Highly recommended.

10/10 Chris Alvear Customer review, 17th October 2014

Did you ever find a record that was perfect from beginning to end? So perfect that you haven't even played to it yet. From the cover art to the track listing it holds your attention and shakes your brain until you go into convulsions. Well this is one of "those" albums! High energy psychedelia stoner rock noise on brain melt! There are bands that claim to play this type of music but not nearly as well as the Heads were doing it 16+ years ago. Get this and any other reissue before it's too late and nothing is worse than too late!

10/10 Simon Customer review, 16th October 2014

This will be a very short review as I bought this Box Set with no intention of playing the records. I know Members of the Band, and have the records already. This limited edition box set is liable to increase in value substantially and anyone who wants one in a few months time.........come and speak to me :)

10/10 Stephen Marsh Customer review, 26th September 2014

The Heads are the source of one my my greatest musical regrets and provide a salutary lesson to all music fans - don't take your eye off the ball. In the mid to late 90s I had become totally sick of the contemporary music scene. Somewhere amidst the bland chirpiness of most of Britpop I had stopped listening to modern music. Instead I was obsessing about Classic British and American psych, Krautrock and the late 60s Detroit sonic onslaught of the likes of the Stooges and the MC5. Little did I know that there was a band down in Bristol who were channelling all of these things in an exhilarating and original way. That band was The Heads. And I wasn't the only one to miss them. At a time when they should have been hailed as one of the rock's greatest exponents they were struggling to get gigs or air play in the aforementioned sea of blandness. I didn't buy their records first time around and I have never seen them live. I would dearly love to travel back in time to witness their greatness first hand. When the history of alternative music of the late 90s and early noughties is written whilst bands such as Reef and Gene will be but a foot note in the bland Britpop chapter the Heads will have a whole section dedicated to their greatness.

Onto the music. Anyone who is into the Heads in any way will know that "Everybody Knows..." is a fabulous album. I can only endorse what is said in the Normans review of this album. By this point the Heads had shed any vestiges of the more mainstream alternative sound. This album is a full on, fuzzed out slab of heavy psych greatness. It is wonderful and everyone should get a copy. I bought the box set version of the album. It is the most I have ever spent on an album and, when I parted with the cash, it felt like an immense extravagance. But now I've listed to it, it is clear that every element of this box set is utterly essential stuff. There is a double album of Peel sessions and singles from the era, all of which are great. California Jams is a live recording apparently recorded on a Walkman. The sound is really good and the performance shows me exactly what I missed out on at the time. And there is a cd of rehearsal tapes. Not the first time that rehearsal tapes have been released but they make fascinating listening. This is The Heads trying sounds out and you can see how they became so exciting and original. All of this comes with two great booklets, a tote bag, a sticker and a huge poster. I cannot recommend this enough. Finally the Heads have got a release which does justice to their single mindedness and genius. If you like the Heads and are not totally skint buy this. You won't regret it!

10/10 Andy Customer rating (no review), 20th November 2018



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