*POW!* Following the hugely successful first volume of Batman themes, here are another 17 tracks all originally released over 40 years ago.

*CRASH!* Most are very rare versions that were lost on LPs or poorly sold singles, but all are sensational.

*ZAPP!* You get Sam Chaplin who can't sing, the funky Ronnie Kole Trio and Baltimore & Ohio's Marching band, plus 14 more who all do the Batman theme wonderfully.

*WHAM!* An essential LP for lovers of our comic book hero, the 1960s or just crazy music!

*HOLY SMOKE!* You'd better believe it Robin... 

Vinyl LP £21.99 1966 14

Ltd 180g dark blue marbled vinyl LP on 1966 + 14cm sticker!.

Sold out.



Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Batman Theme Return by Various
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8/10 Mike 24 July 2014

Here's the second instalment of obscure covers of the Batman theme from 1966, with a mammoth 17 versions of the 8-bar classic. If you missed out first time, never fear, here's your chance to own an LP of just the Batman theme. Here's what I wrote about that long-sold-out initial instalment:

"Here’s one for collectors of the Caped Crusader! 1966 have put together this limited red LP (just 300 copies!) containing 16 different renditions of the famous ‘Batman’ theme, all but two of which were actually recorded in 1966. The majority of these are blazing surf rock’n’roll cuts (Link Wray’s probably being the best of these), although the superb Boston Pops Orchestra version is a highlight too with stomping percussion and booming brass giving it an almost ‘Hall of the Mountain King’ kind of vibe, superb fun. The spy movie chug of Italy’s Ettore Cenci Guitar Trio is another high point. It does get a little bit samey once you get through 16 versions of the same eight bar blues and you’ll probably find a couple you end up returning to more than the rest but these are fun versions and with it being so limited I’d imagine dedicated Batfans will snap this one up pretty quickly."

This new LP is great and slightly irritating for just the same reasons, but this time has less recognisable names on its tracklist, but I think that ends up working to its advantage as the pieces here are more diverse and eccentric than the first collection, romping through slinky surf rock, huge brass arrangements and lively honky-tonk piano in the first three tracks alone before hitting Wade Denning & The Port Washington's superbly jerky garage rock interpretation full of awkwardly stabbing guitar, organ and trumpet. And so it goes from rock'n'roll to marching bands to light orchestras, all trying to imprint their personalities on one of the world's most recognisable tunes. Les & Larry Elgart's pacey high-drama take full of reverby trumpet stabs is worth pointing out as another highlight. Better and more unpredictable than the first volume, but it's still an LP full of the Batman theme so non-nerds may find it a bit repetitive!


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