Jivaro Witnesses by German Army

"German Army incorporates the memories of the vintage recordings of Cabaret Voltaire, Dark Day, Hafler Trio, and Kaa Antílope, albeit with a stylized, unique european manner of understanding the genre.

Their sound, akin to Cabaret Voltaire, does not constitute a mere copy of these, but treats paranoia as a primordial sonic expression, and sound as a virus that spreads across the spoken word setting mechanisms that have remained hidden in the listener.

They are not an ambient band, but the deep mark of Zoviet France and Nocturnal Emissions makes itself evident in the way they shaped the volt anatomy against a sky full of threatingly watching drones." 

Vinyl LP £15.99 BFE 021

Ltd 180g vinyl LP on Burka For Everybody. Edition of 300 copies.

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Jivaro Witnesses by German Army
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9/10 Mike 24 July 2014

Super prolific industrial/darkwave/post-dub weirdos German Army are back again already. How do they keep up this work rate? There's all sorts going on here - Suicidey electro-punk with grinding rhythms rubbing against spaced-out synth drones, with vocals processed and echoed and buried under layers of synth-loop and drum machine sensory overload, but always with a stumbling gloopiness like a thick oily sheen over everything.

Some of the highlights come in their quieter moments, and overall this album does have a much more chilled-out feel than their previous offerings. A case in point is the excellently-titled 'Sexual Cycle of Human Norms', a stripped back tapestry of writhing cosmic synths, subtle twinkling melodic loops, glacial bass guitar and vocals processed down into a deep shivering crackle. It's strangely detached but still overtly emotional. It's hard not to mention Boards of Canada (a reference I also find myself reaching for on side B's 'Smooth Voice'). 'Stone Walls' is another highlight, with a twitchy beat and some '80s suspense-movie synths and vocals which are as close as this band ever gets to singing.

Despite initially sounding almost chaotic it soon becomes apparent these songs are tightly structured and generally pretty short. Vocals are draped over the tracks as textural padding in their decaying post-punk synth tinkering. They draw you into their world in search of the songs that you know are buried in this sprawling robotic crunch'n'smudge dreamscape. This is the most genuinely futuristic-sounding thing I've heard in a while. Hearty thumbs up.


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