Lo-fi. Schmo-fi. This beats the lot. Daniel Johnston eat your hat off. This is a re-issue of shambling, inept lo-fi pop from the '90's which has been given a re-issue of 200 copies for a reason only known to the perpetrators. It has though oodles of charm like a school band just starting up with only a copy of Velvet Underground's 'White Light, White Heat' as a reference point. The playing is basic beyond belief the rhyming couplets extraordinarily naive but this is all super fun in the same way as the lo-fi Shrimper pop of the 90's transcended its limitations. 

Nice LP re-issue  - a wraparound slick is pasted on so it covers the LP opening and must be slit open to remove the record. The primitive cartoon-like drawing of the band shown as a trio even though they were a duo.  Bonkers. 

Vinyl LP £18.99

Reissue LP on Slowboy. Edition of 200 copies with silk screened paste-on art.

Sold out.



The Kinbotes by The Kinbotes
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8/10 Brian 08 August 2014

Really nice lavish re-issue of this naive, off-kilter episode in the tentative music-making world of The Kinbotes; a duo, regardless of the superb schoolboy-quality art adorning the sleeve suggesting otherwise. A mysterious lot these two, with a fascinating, if ultimately tragic back-story. Doing some research I find that the source of their name Kinbotes can be attributed to the narrator of the Nabokov novel ‘Pale Fire’. Not read it myself....

This is a sprawling little collection of shambling lo-fi folk-rock and basement DIY indie gems, sorta like a Shrimper records re-imagining of Henry Flynt and Jonathan Richman unlearning their chops a tad. It's a hugely endearing and personable listen is this cult 90's obscurity that will appeal to fans of Velvet Underground, Daniel Johnston, K records, Xpressway (and certainly great established NZ lo-fi pop such as Tall Dwarfs and the Oddities compilations by The Clean) and even, occasionally the more playful elements of early Sebadoh.

Name-checked some beauts there haven't I? That's because this album has that carefree wistfulness and ramshackle, slightly inebriated charm that goes with this sort of music. The Kinbotes must have a small cult following as we sold lots of this on pre-order, mainly to the US of A. it really is a lost 90's archive piece.  


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