Live at The New Morning, Geneva, Switzerland, 18.05.1989 by Spacemen 3

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Live at The New Morning, Geneva, Switzerland, 18.05.1989 by Spacemen 3
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9/10 Mike 26 June 2014
A bootleg of this show has been floating around for a while but this is the first time that this particular Spacemen 3 performance has had any kind of official release, albeit in slightly truncated form. Sonic Boom concedes in his sleeve notes that "the set presented here, is as it was...except the show was twice this length. We tuned and smoked for almost as long as we played." So it's pretty much the show minus all the tuning, smoking, and one rendition of 'Revolution', which the band had taken to playing twice at the time to milk the audience reaction due to its minor hit status.   There's not much point me describing what Spacemen 3 sounded like because if you're looking at this then I'm pretty confident you're already familiar with their hypnotic psych-fuzz drug-pop. It's a strong set, most notable for the half-hour rendition of 'Suicide' that takes up the entirety of side B. It's a seething, pulsating kraut-psych monster. The story on the sleeve says that they "slipped away mid song amongst much fog and dry ice, with taped down keys and feeding back guitars propped against our speaker cabs keeping the song pulsating and screaming". While I don't doubt that this happened, it's hard to tell at which point they left the stage or for how long, as the entire piece is a compelling landscape of shuddering feedback throbs, clanging bass and pounding repeato rhythms.   It's an excellent recording, and they've only pressed 500 so I'd pick it up quickly if you want a copy.

10/10 james 26th July 2014

Going back 1 decade to standing in front of a friends substantial vinyl collection which I had permission to access in his absence. The first thing that caught my eye was a pressing of 'Perfect Prescription'.

One listen was taken only, before trawling his vinyls for more 'stuff'.

Spaceman 3 had introduced themselves to me only to fall silent for 10 years, then this bootleg turns up on Norman which reminded me to remind myself. So was the impulse purchase in vain to chase the small taste of being 10 years younger back in that house or does this cut stand up for itself on its own feet with little memory or preconceptions ?

The word bootleg traditionally paints a picture of rough around the edges but this is not rough around anything, this sonically pleasing pressing has been treated with care to maintain the balance between reminding the listener they are experiencing an echo of a past live event without any irritating factors to detract from the music.

Textural components are weaved amidst the repeated motifs enveloping the listener. The mix is embracing of the concept of this style, gently and respectfully teasing out every last bit of bloody mindedness and feeling that makes this what it is.

In a weary world of rushing around and everything being needed yesterday music like this should be celebrated more today than ever before. Being disliked whilst trying to forge out enough money to eat and drink to enable ourselves to do what we like and not what we should do should be highly commended. Personally my love of an underdog pushing upwards to come out on top rings deeply within. This show makes us witness to such departure from the main, after all, it would be a shame to all be barking up the same tree when you can carry your heavy-stoned eyelids on stage to openly howl at the moon and give no care for critics, and in doing so unleash what is such a beautiful beast.



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