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A Slab About Being Held Captive by WANDA GROUP
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8/10 Mike 18 June 2014
The shadowy Louis Johnstone is back with a new LP under his Wanda Group alter-ego. This is soft but dark ambient sound collage business from the Nurse With Wound school of post-concrete mood manipulation. Slow-burning synth drones and even slower beats weave woozily around various processed field recordings in a velvety black hole of tonesmithery that never gets particularly abrasive but never really lets the listener get too comfortable either.   At times he pairs seemingly disparate but strangely similar sounds together in such a way that it's very difficult to mentally separate them. Lapping waves of water mixed in with radio static seem to be a bit of a favourite, and those decaying radio tones also come in handy as shrill ultra-high-pitched squeaks which rub against wavering synths. To me it's like he's taking the seemingly random or naturally occurring sounds of his field recordings and then laying them over ersatz versions of themselves in ambitious, evocative soundscapes.   It's often quite bleak, but never a particularly difficult listen. Cool and intangible, constantly shifting dark ambient, mysterious but engaging. Impressive stuff.

8/10 Robert Zn 17th June 2014

A new one from the weirdo one man, all woman group of one man. It starts out humming and blending sounds from our earth and what sounds like not our earth. Everything becomes anything on this new record. All mixed low down inside the ground or the clouds. Each side drags and screws along (it features sounds of intercourse) and bounces inside and around the water, earth, sun and your new car that your mum bought for your nice lovely little 18th birthday (well done). The thing i love about this record, is that you get to feel you are hearing sounds that you hear from birth. A plane in the sky, trains humming along, cars moving forward (fast and slow) and birds screaming and meditating. It then manages to merge all this with sounds that could be from 1298 or 3789. Machines expand and groan, frequencies go down the drain and stay the fuck there. Some then come out and stay for 12 minutes and some turn up for half a second. I never slept for days. I never do after these sort of records. The pillow is now in my mouth.


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