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Vinyl Double LP £15.99 TBG02 / TBG03

2LP on Travel By Goods. Edition of 400 copies. Mark Fell, Miles Whittaker / Some Truths / Joane Skyler live jams!!.

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280913_1 / 280913_2 by Arthur Boto Conley's Music Workshop
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7/10 Brian 12 June 2014

Christ on a bike. How the blimming heck am I supposed to think of suitable words for this sonic confus-a-thon at 8am? I need another coffee. Or three.

A 4-way musical presentation to celebrate the closing gala of a Swiss art installation…..Go on, are we still reading? Joane Skyler. that’s Joane with One N. Skyler as in drug kingpin’s terrified but loyal wife. This twelve minutes of hers takes in some weird pitching of electronic rhythms, playfully glitched 2-step, supernatural concrete meltdown, bizarre tape manipulation, muddied feral noise and clattering percussive oddness… of the strangest sides of vinyl I’ve heard this year.

Some Truths is Randolph Cuthberts from Bass Cleft being really bloody awkward and making something that falls between Dalglish & Ekoplekz. But more gnarly than that, like a gargantuan chunk of alien hardware gradually becoming more self aware and subsequently starting to enjoy its increasing sense of rhythmic dexterity before ending the second you start to dance to it.

Miles W., a member of Demdike Stare has contributed a side to this thing. Lots of grainy astral morph ‘n’ scrunch leads into the dingy stream of a deep tribal kickdrum which is itself joined by a stealthy build of super-sharp-shooting hi-hats and stuttering ghostly tides of crushing distortion. If it ever peters out then I never noticed although it does gradually ebb away. Superb track that, Wills lad!

Bloody Mark Fell lastly. I respect this Sheffield laddie a great deal but often find him a somewhat joyless and clinical proposition, be it live or on t’ record. Ant really “gets him” but then his head is wired up all funny ‘n’ shit. I know what he’s trying to do, Mr. Fell. No felling me mate. Just go put the beats in the bits where the spaces are supposed to be. Then move all the spaces into non-linear positions. Yes very clever fella. How’s me dog supposed to wag-out to this digital mess? EH? Actually it gets loads more funky & rhythmic if you stick wi’ it till ‘arf way in. Then it becomes like hyper-speed Galaxian strobe-lit pulse-glitch beautiful, like The Field being remixed by Oval. Remarkable, especially if you pitch it right down to -10.


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