“Wow”. Not my word but the word of none other than Chuck D. on hearing the debut album by British singer and poet Kate Tempest. Indeed the album was something of a revelation on release. Tempest's gritty street words on prostitution and drug addiction blending uniquely with Dan Carey's lively and inventive production leading to the album being nominated for a Mercury prize in 2014.  

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Everybody Down by Kate Tempest
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9/10 Brian 16 May 2014

“English rapper - Brian to review” said the post-it. I could not correlate the picture of the sad Dickensian person on the sleeve with those ominous words. I thought it had fallen off something else. Kate Tempest is indeed an English rapper and a bloody good one at that. Street tough, personable and electric with a cheeky, homely South London tomboy flow; her last decade of hanging around the hip-hop community has led her from tentative fame as a spoken word artist and poet to this tactile and inventive collection of horizontal electro-hop and succinct urban lyricism.

Her rhymes are easily the match, if not finer than the boys such as early, celebrated Mike Skinner and King Krule. She also recalls the imp-like mischievousness of Micachu and prime Lady Sovereign (pre-fame burn out). This great record displays many feelings via a vista-scanning tower-block bedroom vibe, a recurrent yearning romanticism and a most affecting futuristic melancholy, all at various different junctures on the journey - for it is one of those marvellous records that stays fresh until the very end - yet on countless tracks also exhibits this mischievous bounce and playfulness as a genuinely balanced counterpoint.

As a British hip-hop album you will get plenty o’ pure future soul, deep R&B swing, sharp, spooky electro-grooves (and that searching icy feel that opens and closes the set) for your money here. I am incredibly taken with the appropriately named Kate Tempest and her cracking collection of astute socially observant rhymes and warm, eclectic rhythms today. A pretty consistent delight….

Don't delay...give Big Dada and Kate your money.

8/10 Mex Mexico 16th October 2014

Sat-day morning

Beccy’s yawning

Then there is a knocking on the door

Without warning

Beccy rubs her eyes

What could it be?

It looks like Postman Louis has the Kate Tempest LP

She smiles and shuts the door

Inspects her rewards

Another quick delivery

From her friend called Norman Records

She sticks it on the turn table

Clears the Shellac LP

Beccy’s quite excited

How good could this be?

Poetry, electronica

Beats, but no harmonica

Flow like the she means it

Beccy likes it quite a bit

And it tells a story, a good one not told poorly

A story she can relate to

As well as one to gyrate to

But before she knows it its all through

The baby needs to wake up that say’s true

So she gets the baby up

Puts her on the ground

Sticks the record on again

The baby’s dancing round

The baby’s seeming happy

Bus she needs to change her nappy

So she flicks it over one more time

And the baby says her first word ‘grime’

And for one moment

Beccy forgets all her troubles

This one simple record

Is popping like bubbles

She downloads the MP3

For free

Her enjoyment doubles

She sees the thing around her

Like the telescope at Hubbles

But Beccy’s got to go to work

And turns the record off

But the record will stay with her

To her brain it is a moth.



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