Nice price on this post-reformation album from  the ever-busy Guided By Voices. Most of their 'classic line up' stuff between 2010-2014 was pretty decent but by Cool Planet they were perhaps scraping that particular barrel clean. Still, there's plenty of lo-fi sludge to wade through here in search of the odd sparkling gem and it's probably going to be the last Pollard/Sprout collaboration for some time. 

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Cool Planet by Guided By Voices
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2/10 Clinton 06 July 2015

I love Guided By Voices. I find interest in almost everything they've ever done and even their so-so albums contain moments of pure brilliance. I can safely say though that this album is the first they've ever made where I can't hear one redeeming feature. It's shapeless, characterless, completely devoid of melody, seemingly slung together in a post drinking session stupor. Even the Tobin Sprout songs are bad and many of the Robert Pollard efforts are just him hollering off key to a discordant guitar. A very strange beast indeed and obviously he isn't totally out of ideas as his recent 'Faulty Superheroes' solo LP is totally fine. 

9/10 Ian 08 May 2014

Fire Records brings you the latest full length from the most hard working band in the world Guided By Voices, Pollard and chums have churned out another collection of their brilliant lo-fi indie rock and roll. I just don’t know how he does it, he must write songs in his sleep or while on the toilet. It’s like we’re always saying here at the office, where most bands have some sort of vetting procedure for songs that finally make it onto the setlist/record and what just ends up on the cutting room floor, Robert Pollard doesn’t seem to have that power, like a hoarder of songs unable to throw anything away even the simplest of ditty will end up on an album or single of some sort.

‘Cool Planet’ follows on perfectly from last years ‘English Little League’ with a box of treats to please even the choosiest of GBV fans, from the George Harrison-esque ‘All American Boy’ to the David Bowie glam stomp of ‘Psychotic Crush’, there’s even the classic GBV sounding ‘Pan Swimmer’ which could easily pass as ‘Motor Away Part 2’ (from the Alien Lanes LP).

The real shining star for me though is ‘Bad Love Is Easy To Do’ with possibly the best drumming I’ve ever heard on any Guided By Voices album before.



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