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A U R O R A by Ben Frost
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9/10 Brian 23 May 2014

No wolves on this. 'By The Throat' scared the bejesus out of myself and many others but I totally, utterly loved it. This long awaited follow-up proper (after his relatively sedate but arresting 'Solaris' collaboration with Daniel Bjarnason) is another sonically brutal and head-cleansing expedition into the pummelling recesses of electronic possibilities. There's something undeniably powerful and almost violent about this music - it builds steadily with the same intensity as Tim Hecker's finest material such as 'Harmony in Ultraviolet' or 'Ravedeath 1972' but offers a more malevolent, Thor-like approach within what is often a celestial widescreen celebration. At its most confrontational, 'Aurora' bleeds loud shimmering vibrancy, head-fuck sledgehammer techno beats, screaming, saturated distortion and fizzing aural chaos into your delighted frazzled mind virtually from the word go.

My mate sent me this a month ago and I tried to listen to it one night but played quietly it just sounded muddied and a little intrusive at its sonic peaks. There is just too much going on here to treat it as background music. You need to get your head in the speakers and close your eyes. If this review makes no sense it's because I have my eyes squeezed shut. Yep. This is true sound art that belligerently demands excellent speakers, played on headphones you may suffer from a leaking brain after the more deranged passages have had their wicked way with your unforgiving mind.

There is something quite delicious about Ben Frost's oppressive, apocalyptic vision. Music this terrifying and thunderous shouldn't make you giggle and grin like a lunatic but this brawny record does. At its most extreme it eats the likes of Fuck Buttons and shits them out in pixelated cubes of insignificance. In the quieter parts it is displays a genuine mastery of darkly ambient restraint without compromising any of its magical force. Stratospheric, swirling noise bursts mingle with a grand, stately melancholy that sounds like an elegy to the universe. Right. Enough waffle from Brian.

If I haven't sold this wild, intoxicating head-masher of an album to you yet, I'm never going to. You'll really be poorer off without it, however. I'd like to give it full marks but no wolves, no 10. 

9/10 Mike 11th September 2014

This is an interesting departure into rhythmic and psychedelic territory for Frost. It's beautiful and harrowing, rich and random - more accomplished and unique than his previous work. It's a record which speaks of a blinding light split into razor sharp shards. I'm glad to find that recently ambient/noise artists have begun incorporating rhythmic elements into their sound, and Frost performs this really well, delivering an album which is highly atmospheric while still having the pull of a discernible groove.

6/10 D. Hype 28th May 2014

Music: 6/10

Marketing and Hype: 10/10

Bandwagon job: 10/10

7/10 Mark T. 27th May 2014

Ben Frost is a great composer, there's no doubt of this. But, he always sound very similar and I miss some variations that could catch more my attention. Nevertheless, this LP is a good present to listen alone, when everybody sleeps and the moon wakes up.



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