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Geinoh Yamashirogumi
Akira OST

  • Vinyl LP £19.99
  • LP on Binyl (BINYL 28021)
  • Sold out.


1/10 Customer review, 27th November 2014

You guys know this is a bootleg, right? You really shouldn't be selling it. The success of this release will undoubtedly encourage others to press records illegally. It's no surprise that two (yes two!) other editions of this soundtrack were hastily pressed up. Someone in Taiwan is a having a party right now at the expense of the artist and rights holders. Honestly, it's not hard to tell when you've got a boot in your hands - it's sad that shops don't seem to care. Boooooooooooooo!


In response to the above: We were sold this record in good faith from a reputable distributor. It is now not available to buy off our site.  The reviews below generally show that the soundtrack was enjoyed by people... bootleg or otherwise. 

4/10 Customer review, 9th July 2014

I was under the impression that this was a legit release but I've been swindled with a poor quality bootleg. Have you bothered to listen to your record? There's terrible sibilance on the first track "Kaneda" and an audible pop leading into the second track. How could you release this amazing music illegally and with such poor fidelity to the original? You should be ashamed.

9/10 Customer review, 28th May 2014

Great vinyl, looked forward to have it, akira what a ost!!

9/10 Customer review, 28th May 2014

I can say with a great amount of confidence that I'm probably going to wear a hole right through this vinyl. The music is unbelievably awesome, and I really dig the art on the cover. Worth the money/exchange to get it to Canada!

9/10 Customer review, 24th April 2014

Do you know that feeling when you discover something wonderful you had absolutely no conception of beforehand? It's one of those feelings that occurs once or twice a year, if you're lucky. Well that's exactly what happened to me with Geinoh Yamashirogumi. Initially I saw Bleep were reissuing it on green vinyl, but unwilling to pay the added cost for a 2nd pressing on a different coloured vinyl I sought out the original and ended up on this lovely site. There is something about this record, the way it came with a printed A4 sheet of paper detailing the history and discography of the Geinoh Yamashirogumi, and the names of the researchers, the sheer alien feel of the artwork, it's so different. And of course, not forgetting the music - which although I had heard many times whilst watching Akira had always somehow been overshadowed. On listening to this record one realises two things; first that the sound track is *so* perfect for the anime, and second that the soundtrack is a work of art in its own right. There're elements of everything, very choral in its nature it reminds me of perhaps Atom Heart Mother, and certainly matches it for avant garde vocal work - but there's also something more, an eastern percussion section that I hadn't heard anything similar to beforehand [I am now on a Geinoh Yamashirogumi collecting quest], and the resurgent theme is so emotionally powerful. Close your eyes and drift of into a post-apocalyptic wasteland and dream of Akira.

9/10 Customer review, 18th April 2014

It's amazing to have this record on vinyl. I grew up with this film, so there's definitely a nostalgia aspect to owning this. However, the sound matches up wonderfully with my expectations. The only thing that I would make mention of is that the sleeve feels ever-so-slightly cheaper than what I'd expect. I wanted something glossy and sturdy and this feels a bit weak. Still, with proper care it'll last a long time!

10/10 Customer review, 17th April 2014

So happy to own this on Vinyl finally! Loved the film, the soundtrack was really important as part of it. Great to have some sleeve notes as well giving a bit of history about Geinoh Yamashirogumi. I agree with oiche above that it could be a better pressing but it doesn't detract from what is an epic soundtrack. Can't recommend enough!

10/10 Customer review, 31st March 2014

Unique and brilliant soundtrack from Japanese improv collective that really is just the tits. Originally released in 1988, the original vinyl fetches hundreds, so this is a long overdue repress. Sounds like Philip Glass and Jean Michel Jarre fighting a gang of electro-ninjas in a monastery. The pressing could be better quality but I cannot bring myself to dock any points. Beautiful and mad, this is essential to any eclectic waxhead.

10/10 Customer review, 22nd March 2014

This was perhaps my favorite film. It's soundtrack is great. Get it!

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