Luminous by The Horrors

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Luminous by The Horrors
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8/10 Mike 01 May 2014

Epic indie poppers it's okay to like The Horrors are back this week, and since their new album hasn't arrived in the office yet I'm reviewing it from a test-pressing which we're giving away to a competition winner. I feel like I'm killing a unicorn. Don't worry though, dear competition winner, I'm wearing my special silk reviewing gloves.

I felt like their previous effort 'Skying' was a bit hit-and-miss (although the public didn't seem to agree!) but I'm really enjoying 'Luminous' so far, it's assured mixture of dreamy shoegaze stylings and LCD Soundsystem indie-dance with a kind of effortless cool about it that's well balanced against their ambitious sonics.

The closing song on the second side (I have no tracklist to hand, sorry) is a great example of where The Horrors are going right at the moment. Walls of rumbling distortion in the muddy middle distance are joined by a languid MBV guitar melody which wibbles lazily around over this dense guitar thunder light as a feather and yet totally present in the foreground, while the vocals are like a stoned, sighing Bobby Gillespie (only in tune). It's a stomping robotic monster of a track but there's still a breathy humanity to it.

Apparently the band spent 15 months recording this album, and you can tell that the sounds have been honed with perfectionist zeal, but thankfully the polished and studied nature of the sound thankfully still leave space for the animal potency which is the difference between the Horrors being alright and being actually pretty damn good.

It's nice to hear one of these "stadium" indie bands using the studio with a bit of ambition rather than churning out tedious derivative pap or trying something different and falling on their faces (hello Arcade Fire).

3/10 Cynic 9th May 2014

If this is what counts as an 'interesting' mainstream indie record nowadays I'm going to go into the middle of field, get my shotgun out and blow my face off. Such a poor album, utterly forgettable, don't waste your time listening to this.

5/10 Evan 3rd May 2014

So I've now had some time to digest Luminous from one of my favourite groups who are surely one of the best and certainly innovative bands in Britain for sometime now. I'm not going to bore anyone by saying how The Horrors continue to develop "their sound" and will definitely not say anything so condescending as "they've come of age". I'll leave that to other, paid reviewers. Right from the initial singles released, there was something foul in the state of The Horrors. 'I See You' was promising; fun and with a wonderful spiraling end which built a new new sonic landscape in front of you before being abruptly cut off. 'So Now You Know' however just seemed pedestrian, some nice electronic flourishes at the beginning which then descends into a rather boring progression with a tame chorus, it just seems nondescript. The other tracks can often fall into this trap of just being a sonic blur which immediately leaves you once the next song begins. 'In And Out Of Sight' clacks along but overall it feels cold, unremarkable. Next track 'Jealous Sun' starts with a wonderful, deep bass which rolls threateningly only to set-up a piss poor chorus. In fact, the normally stellar vocals of Faris Badwan just seem a little tame throughout. Not the normal, broken scowl, now refined and it just doesn't have enough punch. 'Falling Star' is yet another moment to forget before 'Change Your Mind' throws a lifeline with a downbeat, melancholy which jars with the rest of the album and is refreshing, it's a highlight even though it's chorus is achingly similar to the rest of the tracks, with a loads of building synth thrown at it. 'Mine and Yours' seems to return to Badwan's gravelly tones and it's for the better; the track seemingly rolls forward into a lovely guitar solo. It's an unpredictable track, flailling around, grabbing you. It's what you want from a band, what we've come to expect from The Horrors and what is overall lacking on Luminous. 5/10 - Average

10/10 Drawn_Japan 17th March 2014

I've only heard a couple of tracks but I know this is the best Horrors album yet. Everything about the sound is perfection, you have to pre-order this now! The music has transformed so much over the years, but they keep coming back stronger and even more amazing! I've got a feeling this might be the breakthrough, they'll be up on the main stage headlining all the festivals soon, get in before the idiots learn about them!

10/10 Dillon Colivet 3rd March 2014

It's been a whole week since the first ever radio play of 'I See You' and I can't stop listening. There's an essence of Skying still lingering onto this single. From the two songs (one live version unofficially titled 'Blue') I can guarantee this is going to be a game changer. I think they've established themselves through every album. Strange House sounds like a completely different band, so when the transformation into Primary Colours happened. It surprised people. Even going into Skying it sounds like a completely different album. I See You continues to surprise and show they're open to new ideas. I could almost hear A Flock Of Seagulls influence on Joshua's guitar, and straight away I knew Luminous was going to blow critics into oblivion. Take note that The Horrors will be fronting the red carpet of the 2014's music ball with Luminous. I just hope everyone holding onto the threads can keep up.



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