7 Trumps From the Tarot Cards and Pinions by Ruth White

7 Trumps From the Tarot Cards and Pinions by Ruth White was available on Vinyl LP but is now sold out on all formats, sorry.

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Vinyl LP £19.99

Ltd reissue LP of 1969 classic on Black Mass Rising. Edition of 500 copies.

Sold out.



7 Trumps From the Tarot Cards and Pinions by Ruth White
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10/10 Ant 28 February 2014

Back in June 2013 I ended my review for Ruth White’s ‘Flowers of Evil’ reissue LP with this sentence “If her 'Seven Trumps From The Tarot Cards' LP also got a reissue I would die a happy man.” Well prayers have been answered as here we have a necessary, first ever vinyl reissue of Ruth White’s dark experimental electronic masterpiece.

Originally issued in 1969 on Limelight and now available in an edition of 500 copies once again thanks to the good people at French label Black Mass Rising. If you were fortunate enough to score a copy of ‘Flowers of Evil’, then make some space on the shelf for its evil twin. This is proper holy grail stuff for historic electronic music connoisseurs. Its importance highlighted by a CD edition on Creel Pone a few years ago.

In the current climate of darker strains of electronic music and fetish for horror soundtracks, this really illustrated how it should be done - Some 45 years ago. One notable difference between ‘7 Trumps’ and ‘Flowers of Evil’ is the absence of vocals; her electronically treated readings of Charles Baudelaire's poetry. In this sense I think ‘Flowers of Evil’ probably has the edge as being my personal favourite LP of the two. However this leaves plenty of space for all kinds of wild and discordant magick modular synthesizer work and truly discomforting atonal clavinet stabs that send chills. This isn’t just some trendy new wannabe darkside psychedelic effort. This is pure authentic late 60’s stuff that genuinely feels like it could be a gateway to the other side. As powerful and Mystical as H.P Lovecraft’s ‘Necronomicon’ or the sound of some occult/ magick ritual/ ceremony all drenched in lovely warm analogue tape echo.

Our initial allocation of this record sold out in a day so based on that, I wouldn’t hang around for too long on bagging a copy from the restocked batch. A totally essential and classic record that no serious electronic music collection should be without.

9/10 black mass rising 16th May 2014

Dear Dan John,...phil of black mass rising label here!...to your knowledge, just know that original mastertapes have been destroyed...so Ruth White send me an original lp...we had to do the sound with that!...& even our Berlin friend sound engineer did his best, it was impossible to fix it perfect!....best regards, Phil from Paris, France. ps: it is nearly sold out!

4/10 Dan John 3rd May 2014

4/10 = Barely worth it....because the pressing is noisy and crackly throughout. Buy a CD instead. Apparently I'm not the only one whose copy is like this, so buyer beware!

10/10 Tim Elford 4th April 2014

This could be the soundtrack to a Vincent Price Dracula film. The gloriously discordant sounds on 7 Trumps are fab. I love Keith Fullerton Whitman, Carlos Giffoni and Jim O'Rourke's modular stuff. To my ears this record has the same appeal as their work. Ace authentic experimental synth LP from a female pioneer that deserves to be still listened to today.


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