I have a feeling that Mac DeMarco may be a fan of Minor Threat. Because who actually uses the phrase 'Salad Days' any more? This is his second album proper, featuring more of that incredibly casual and personable crooning that he's built his career on. DeMarco is the sort of musician who seems to be enjoying himself so much that it's difficult not to get swept up by it. 

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Salad Days by Mac DeMarco
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8/10 Clinton 27 March 2014

Yes its the Return of the Mac. This is Mac De Marco’s third full length record and its safe to say that if you like the first two then you are going to find plenty to swoon over here.  He’s long discarded the pitched down croon he used on the first side of the corking ‘Rock and Roll Nightclub’ debut and has adopted an easy, breezy style of charming, spangly guitar pop that hits the mark on a remarkably consistent basis.

He has a knack of saving a so-so pop song with a lovely heart-wrenching chorus or a fabulous chord change. This is best exemplified on opener and title track ‘Salad Days’ where the Marc Bolan style ‘la la la’ verse is vaguely irritating before the track bursts into leaf with a lovely chorus. Its simple stuff but always effective. ‘Blueboy’ is another winner, that and ‘Let Her go’ are as breezy as a summers day, drifting by in a haze of trebly chiming guitars and laid back vocals - a perfect accompaniment to the recent Real Estate slice of loveliness. My favourite track is the insanely catchy ‘Passing Out Pieces’ which drives along on a fantastically farty synth-bass sound drifting into a wonderfully life-affirming chorus that’ll stay in your head forever. Its kind of like ‘Love You’ era Beach Boys playing around with the jangle pop of The Servants. Just great. The album is consistent throughout  and an absolute joy at times. Even when he launches into Ducktails style 80’s synth on ‘Chamber Of Reflection’ the vibes are pretty sweet.

The big Mac has barely put a foot wrong so far and this is as good as, if not better than, his previous records. Unpretentious, catchy guitar pop  - I can hear various people in the office humming and whistling so this has already passed the middle aged whistle test.

10/10 Hamish McCreadie 8th September 2015

The loveably softspoken dreamy vibes of Mac Demarco seem to exist for vinyl. This LP comes alive and is warmer than yer granny's broth. Tender electric guitar and synths are perfectly matched to truthfully romantic lyrics. Calming and delicate, this album deserves a listen.

Delivery too, was personal. Although not in stock when I ordered, I was informed it would be sent soon, and before my sister's birthday which I needed it for. Quick replies and quick stocking to delivery. I'll be back! A+

9/10 Kit Skailes 15th April 2015

Mac seems to have reached the epitome of effortlessly being himself, which has drawn in new listeners and probably brought a little tear to the sensitive-long-term-fan's eye.

I was a new listener so I don't feel that qualified to talk about the record, but it's definitely perfect for driving around with the sunroof down, or lying in bed on a sunday morning. The songs all manage to be the perfect mix of happy/sad that makes you feel like you could do anything... or just stay in bed. And you know Mac isn't gunna judge you for it either way.

8/10 Phil Jeruzal 10th July 2014

If Mac DeMarco was ever a bit of a secret, he certainly isn't one anymore. His third LP is already one of the top selling records of the year (#9 if you're interested) and is his most complete and satisfying to date. Following on from his warmly received sophomore album "2", Salad Days see's DeMarco sticking to his well-worn, trademark jizz-jazz(!) style for another record full of catchy guitar sweetness and infectious pop melodies.

This is a record that oozes style and personality, and while his lyrics continue to be whimsical and simplistic, Salad Days presents a picture of maturity that often transcends DeMarco's reputation as a wide-eyed wild-child. These are songs from the heart, told by an increasingly confident and earnest songwriter.

Those familiar with his musical style will know what to expect from this record, and Salad Days is by no means a drastic departure from his jangle-pop roots. Despite this, there is an expanded sonic palette (read: synths) at work here, and DeMarco has further refined his signature sound to worth note on this excellent record.

Perfect for: Summer barbecues!

Not perfect for: Vegetarians

10/10 Michaela Customer rating (no review), 21st April 2017



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