Where Dull Care Is Forgotten by Tense Men

Where Dull Care Is Forgotten by Tense Men was available on Vinyl LP but is now sold out on all formats, sorry.

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Vinyl LP £9.99 FAUX028

Ltd LP on Faux Discx. Edition of 300 copies.

Sold out.



Where Dull Care Is Forgotten by Tense Men
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8/10 Clinton 07 March 2014

This is more like it. In a world where we are supposed to be grateful that fucking Elbow have put a new record out, its increasingly obvious that we are drowning in a pile of big label sponsored sludge, heaping shite on us from above. We all know that the best music is made in the hallways, in the garages in the bedrooms not some polished studio by rich people.

Tense Men have a concrete tower block on the sleeve of their record and feature folks from Colds Pumas, Sauna Youth and Omi Palone.  Opener ‘Stages of Boredom’ is like the early Pixies as played by Can and has the wonderful shouted refrain of ‘iron those creases’ snaking out of the mix and into your earlug. ‘RNRFON’ is even more kraut, like a Suicide/Devo meeting.

On the flip there’s something eerie, ‘Where Dull Care Is Forgotten’ sounds like ESG holding onto the same note for as long as possible, the production on stuff like ‘Nonentities’ reminds me of that of Women, all real ‘n’ shit. Its a work in progress definitely but they know how to hold together a groove, closer ‘Opiate Glow’ rams up the noise to early Sonic Youth like levels yet retaining that all-important Neu bass and drum pulse.    


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