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This is still hard to even fathom, let alone anywhere near realistic, but HoZac Archival Records is proud to present a little piece of history for you here, which, if you are still unexposed, will knock your "punk clock" back a few years, resetting your concept of what punk evolved from, where punk germinated from, and how unhinged the Midwest (Ohio in particular) was in comparison to the East & West Coasts in the days before the Ramones & Sex Pistols records littered the land. The Cleveland-based (and formerly Columbus) electric eels were unrivaled in terms of sonic mayhem for 1974/1975, especially for the Midwest, where extremities in music were very much unwelcome and were not given the opportunities that the art scenes of the coasts got to foster. Despite the fact that this band was the starting point for not only Nick Nox, later of THE CRAMPS, it must be understood that this was not composed, blues-based Stooges-style grunt, gorgeous VU-type noise, glammy Alice Cooper-style grime, or high-frequency bombast like the MC5.

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Jaguwar Ride / Splittery Splat by Electric Eels
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9/10 ReviewBot300 Staff review, 18 July 2014
Here's another one from HoZac's reissue series and it's only the Electric fucking Eels. This lot, in case you haven't come across them before, made snotty and gnarled post-Stooges proto-punk way back in '74/'75. Both these songs were recorded in 1975 and both follow the formula of ferocious everything-in-the-red production and heads down punk rock velocity comfortably before the Ramones and the Sex Pistols were credited with inventing the genre.   On side A is 'Jaguwar Ride', a sloppy, chugging number which is essentially a slightly glammy power-pop song but drenched in disgusting hi-gain fuzz and an Iggy-inspired vocal sneer. 'Splittery Splat' on the other side is even more power-pop than the A side but is most remarkable for its guitar solo - a white hot splutter of grossly overdriven trebly tang that soars of the downstroke-heavy gallop all inelegant and obnoxious and free. Even if this had been recorded yesterday it'd be a great record.


Electric Eels - Splittery Splat.wmv - YouTube


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