Forever In Another World by Caudal

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Vinyl LP £15.99 OAK002

180g vinyl LP on Oaken Palace Records. Edition of 500 copies.

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Forever In Another World by Caudal
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8/10 Mike 14 February 2014

Phil brought these four new LPs on Oaken Palace over to me with a warning that they might be a bit bleak and downbeat, so since it's first thing in the morning I've decided to start with the one whose cover looks the cheeriest. It's got a man sleeping on the ground in the foreground in front of what the viewer can decide is either a painted backdrop or a miniature landscape, making the sleeping man look all Gulliveresquely gigantic.

It turns out Caudal are in fact a trio with Aidan Baker of Nadja and Aidan Baker fame playing guitar, Gout's Gareth Sweeney on bass and Felipe Salazar on drums, and this isn't heavygoing at all. In fact it's a mightily relaxing mixture of krautrock repetition and slow-drifting spacerock. The rhythm section hold down sleepy repetitive grooves while Baker carves streaks of neon from his guitar with layered drones and crunchy psychedelic noodling.

The formula doesn't change around much over the course of the LP, lots of moody psychedelic spacekraut and the occasional bit of head-bobbing stoner rock, but that's fine by me, it's just four consistent, threatening, lolloping grooves covered in nice guitar sounds. You know where you are with it and it's very enjoyable. Thumbs up.

10/10 Richard Bone 7th March 2014

"Forever In Another World" is absolutely the best work of gentle stoner psychedelia I've heard in a very long time. It's the kind of music you'd want to wake up to after a night of mystical altered state explorations. The groove tumbles you easily over billowing clouds. The solid, melodic bass keeps things there. The electronics are almost like delicate wallpaper you don't even notice at first but once you do, you can't imagine the music without it. The greatest blessing, perhaps, is the tasteful guitar work. Most little ones playing stoner/psych these days seem to think that it won't fit the genre unless the distortion is cranked to max and the freshly tattooed future rockers can't wait to display their latest! Well, amigos, that's not stoner/psych, it's a 70's hair band. For me, stoner music should make me feel just that and psychedelia should fire the imagination. Caudal's (debut?) LP does that to near perfection. If you've heard SunDial's side project from a couple of years back, "Quad", you'll have a general idea of the sound (sadly minus the sitar used so cleverly on the Quad record). My only complaint has nothing to do with the music but with the mastering. It almost sounds as though it wasn't mastered at all because the level of the entire album is at least a db below usual. That can be easily corrected if you decide to rip the LP to digital with any decent software. If you are a fan of the type of artful stoner/psych music I've described, I would highly suggest grabbing a copy of "Forever in Another World". Especially since quantities appear to be limited. I hope this band will be allowed to grow and continue creating this mind caressing rock. Oh, and next time guys maybe a little sitar for us original flower children. Love, Grandpa


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