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Ajukaja & Maria Minerva
C U Again EP

Vinyl 12". Porridge Bullet

  • Vinyl 12" £9.99 + shipping
  • 12" EP on Porridge Bullet (PB008)
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7/10 Staff review, 28 February 2014

There's an awful lot of woozy trip-hoppy synth stuff out there at the moment isn't there? It really seems to be the thing to make right now, this whole post-driftstep, post-house, post-DJ Screw wooze pop aesthetic which has gripped both sides of the pond. This EP here is a collaboration between synth lady Maria Minerva, who I already knew about, and Ajukaja, who I didn't. It is, as you've probably gathered by now, some of this woozy trip-hoppy synth stuff I was talking about.

Very well done it is too, Minerva's silky vocals give it quite an accessible house-pop feel and the beats are bouncy but everything is blurred and indistinct as the melodies snake distractedly around a gloopy house backbone which wobbles and bends with fragile precision. At its most effective it evokes a kind of sleepy but danceable euphoria that reminds me of a lot of 100% Silk releases, although 'All The Heart Breaks' heads into almost Europop levels of cheesiness with its shameless pop synth stabs only barely tempered by the weird muffled vocal snippets and modular-sounding loops.

I'm not totally sure about the Eastern European/oompah feel of closer 'Igav Ja Suva', which even throws in some slide guitar, but while on first impressions it's the first side I'm liking the most I'll give that one the benefit of the doubt for being so bonkers and say this is a well measured and entertainingly weird EP of playful post-everything wooze-pop.

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C U Again EP by Ajukaja & Maria Minerva. Vinyl 12". PB008.

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