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A Somnambulists Tale by GNOD
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9/10 Mike 04 March 2014

On this Gnod record there's a spooky atmospheric loop with xylophones and synth xylophones underpinning the first side like a Philip Glass horror soundtrack and there's a sample of a man rambling on just too quiet to make out properly and there's a typewriter clicking away and then there's some synth panpipes ..........

......and someone's getting deeply psychedelic with a melodica and some dub echo and this goes on for a while all droney and raspy and then there's some squeaky recorder trills and understated ringing guitar twangs and soft sweeping sheet-ice feedback drones and then it all cuts out to some weirdly phasing deep space synth wobble and then there's kind of a wet laser gun sound and more swooshes and then that blends into a weird tropical shuffle played by humans based around panpipe sounds and janglybells and a weird twangy bass drone and there's some occasional tinkles and a patient little melody on what sounds like a steel drum and is that someone boinging a plastic ruler on the edge of a desk like we used to do in school?

And then you turn over the record and there's this bubbly bongo rhythm with some fantasy synths and I think there's some weird chanting that's been processed into a weird rhythmic echoey blur and then there's a tasty little Hookwormsy bassline and it's like a war march for ghosts and then that guy from the first side is back chatting away and the typewriter is back too, maybe they're from the same sample and someone is transcribing what he's saying, and now there's organ drones and the janglybells have returned and it's all turning into a bit of a cosmic bong jam thickened and reinforced by that gloopy organ while the bass and hand percussion cycle away in big hypno circles ...................

................and then everything drops away except the voice which says "I thought I had a break from myself in the early '80s but...I think it had something to do with the clothes I was wearing" and then that steel drum is back with a nice mixture of metallic percussive stick sounds and chiming melodies and there's more bubbly hand percussion and it'd all be a bit tropical if it weren't for that huge great wall of dread-synth drone on the horizon and that weird noise that I can't figure out if it's a synth or a guitar and by the end it's mostly just horror synths but wow it's really been a musical journey hasn't it?


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