Cheatahs by Cheatahs

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Cheatahs by Cheatahs
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10/10 Ian 06 February 2014

Every once in a while a band comes along and you just instantly fall head over heels in love with them, for me Wichita’s latest signing Cheatahs were exactly that, love at first listen to put it bluntly, anyway enough about my feelings toward this band and on to the nitty gritty.

Four fellas from completely different parts of the world, one from Leicester, one from Germany, one from the United States and the other from Canada, so the chances of these guys getting together to make such fantastic music is pretty amazing to say the least, it’s like the stars were aligned on that day. With a few EP’s under their belt and some extensive touring with the likes of Metz, Wavves and Fidlar gaining a truck load of fans who have been practically foaming at the mouth for this debut album, Cheatahs have found that happy medium between shoegaze and pure rock and roll genius.

Never ones to shy away from a pop hook but still laying on the distortion and reverb in glorious quantities, as ‘Geographic’ kicks in we’re zoomed right back to 1992 with full on Swervedriver riffage, a comparison that I’m sure they’re probably sick of by now, ‘The Swan’ as featured on their ‘Extended Plays’ collection released last year is already sounding like an indie classic, standout track has to be recent single ‘Cut The Grass’ which has that MBV style otherworldly feel to it but still manages to be as catchy as hell, it’s clear that Cheatahs have grown up on a steady diet of early 90’s indie but have still kept their sound fresh and exciting.

I feel like I’ve been waiting 20 odd years for this band to come along and renew my faith in music, I can’t fault this debut at all, it’s perfect from start to finish!

8/10 coffin dodger 13th May 2014

Husker Du, Lemonheads, Sugar, Ride, Lemonheads, Ride and Lemonheads playing together with 'Mouldesque' guitars pumping away... Heard it all before. But of course, to self deprecate, I haven't have I? Cheatahs are the new kids on the block...and very bloody good they are too. Next time I have me mates round for a late eighties/early nineties record session, I'll slip in a track or two of these lads just, y'know, for a reaction. Probably following a few Ride and Lemonheads numbers. Plan!

8/10 onebuttonmonkey 21st February 2014

From the very first glorious lump of guitar that hijacks you from a familiar hiss, to the very last waveringly detuned hum you’re hoping doesn’t have to fade out, this album is both a delight and absolutely bankrupt. Don’t get me wrong: it’s a fantastic sound. Not that how fantastic that noise is should be a surprise. If you ever had ears and walked around a bit twenty odd years ago, then you would already know that this was a fantastic sound, on account of all those other albums you used to enjoy back then. They sounded exactly like this, only more so. Ride. Dinosaur Jr. My Bloody Valentine. *That* Even bands that weren’t good fit in here, too. Swervedriver, say. Bloody Swervedriver. I remember hating them at the time. But then, one of the very good reasons this album is such a joy to hear now is how much better 1992 sounds when it’s 22 years since you lived in it. Because what this album sounds like is if that entire year got together and made a record that sounded precisely like a slightly inferior copy of any one of those bands on their own. To be fair, it’s very good. In fact, if this album had been released 20 years ago, then bands like the one that just released it now would probably be copying it. The problem isn’t that that’s both a compliment and an insult, it’s that I don’t know what ratio the two are in. You’ll already know if you like the sound Cheatahs make, then. It’s just that, if you remember it from the first time round, then listening to them might feel a little too close to hugging a costume drama with your ears.

6/10 Rob Gannon 27th January 2014

"Cheatahs’ debut LP is difficult to pin down. When tracks like “Leave To Remain” sound like the more nauseous parts of Loveless and others have the very literal shoegaze sense of disappearing into transportative, head-nodding noise, their claims of being an ambient-punk band may seem to be misleading. "

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