EP by Death And Vanilla

Oh kind people at Fire Records, fresh from issuing Death and Vanilla's much loved second album 'Where the Wild Things Are' have now embarked on a re-issue programme of the bands earlier work including this now impossi-find debut EP. This was the record that first informed us that there could indeed be life after Broadcast. It now re-unleashed on blue vinyl for those who missed out first time round.  

Vinyl 12" £14.49 FIRELP430EP

Blue coloured vinyl reissue EP on Fire.

  • Coloured vinyl
  • Includes download code
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CD £11.49 FIRECD430

Digipak reissue CD on Fire.

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Vinyl LP £14.49 HITD 001 - Repress

LP on Hands In The Dark. Edition of 500 copies inc. poster. LAST COPIES EVER!.

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EP by Death And Vanilla
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9/10 Clinton 19 December 2013

Possibly coming just that little bit too late to be stashed in your Christmas stocking, Hands in the Dark have very kindly seen fit to reissue the first EP by Swedish dream-pop duo Death and Vanilla. Still, there’s that bleak bit between Christmas and New Year to get through and this could be ideal for that post-Christmas treat...

It's limited to 500 copies on black (yes!) vinyl with a poster and three bonus tracks. Previous Death and Vanilla records have simply hurled themselves out of the store and their recent 7” on Great Pop Supplement was an instant sell out. Opener ‘Ghosts in the Machine’ sets its stall out straight away with its vintage synthy 60s sound instantly recalling Broadcast, The New Lines and anything on Ghostbox. ‘Godspeed’ is a much more eerie and atmospheric piece with a simple drum machine and organ combo providing a backdrop for the breathy female voice. I really like this track, it has just the right amount of pulsing ambience and gorgeous swirling atmospheres, as does the Stereolab-like ‘Run Rabbit Run’ which creeps insidiously into your brain via some twangy guitars and male/female vocals interplay. 'Colour of Space' is more cinematic, like a lost 60s soundtrack and exemplifies why they have garnered so many Broadcast comparisons. All four of these tracks were taken from the debut CD EP of which there were just 100 copies so very few of you out there will actually own a copy.

On the flip we get three tracks previously released on soundtracks and compilations all which showcase their cinematic brand of 60s retro synth soundscapes in uniquely different ways. As essential purchase, and hurry as there are not many about. It's already sold out at source and we have our copies a month ahead of the other shops so impress your friends and get it while its hot!

9/10 Raoul Duke 20th February 2014

When their first LP sold out at Norman's I was left feeling broken hearted as I knew I'd kinda missed out on a really great LP... However, such is my tenacity when it comes to getting a hold of records I really want, I used the magic of the web based internet to track a copy down - in other words I emailed Death and Vanilla and they put me onto a guy at their record label and he went down to his local record shop (in Sweden!!) and bought me the last copy they had... and sent it to me. How cool is that?

Anyway that lengthy but very entertaining story, which you just enjoyed (Sweden - who knew!), has nothing to do with this new EP which is actually a repress of an old EP - you with me? So, having learned from past mistakes I put my order in for this record in good time. And, good news, it's really good.

The obvious comparison which everybody will make upon hearing anything by Death and Vanilla is Broadcast... and most people will say "Eeee she sounds like Trish Keenan (RIP)". And, let's be honest, they'd be right - but that's no bad thing. However, Death and Vanilla, whilst taking obvious inspiration from the likes of Broadcast and that whole Ghost Box-y aesthetic, have carved out their own, unique little slice of gorgeous. I do love the way this band manage to sound a little bit sinister but warm at the same time... There is a sense of unease about some of the tracks on this EP but it's definitely not a heavy trip at all. It's light and breezy but if you pay attention you can sense a darkened heart.

This is a really nice record which contains some very pleasant sounding noises. Buy it at once - and save yourself the trouble of having to track down a copy in Sweden at a later date.

Peace Out.

10/10 Kieran 19th February 2014

‘EP’ exists in the same universe as Broadcast and The United States of America. A swirling psychedelic record , touched by 1960s spy movie sound-tracks, and jazz, yet it sounds utterly timeless. Sometime the vocals hint at My Bloody Valentine. This is a fantastic record! 10/10 Buy it before it disappears, it’s limited to 500 copies.

9/10 Stagger Lee Fisher 13th January 2014

Death & Vanilla releases don't hang around so if you see them in stock you have to fall on them like a crazed thing. But it's worth the effort - everything they've done, much of which is on this bloody lovely release, is worth having. It's a kinda occult psych soundtrack lounge voodoo trip, Goblin does Ghost box. Stereolab soundtracking Rosemary's Baby, that sort of thing. Utterly recommended.

9/10 DJBabyBuster 13th January 2014

All of their releases up to now have been perfection, and its nice seeing this originally compact disc only EP finally make its way to vinyl proper with three bonus tracks to boot. They have mastered a very specific aesthetic of atmospheric, 60s, dark, kraut-lullaby that falls closest to Broadcast in similar bands. Broadcast is my all time favorite band, and these guys are the closest thing to getting any new material. Even the vocals sound distinctly influenced by Trish Keenan, and yet somehow D&V don't cross the bounds of sounding like a trite ripoff. Their sound is distinctly unique and them, oozing with cinematic paranoia. I savor each new Death and Vanilla release

9/10 Tim Customer rating (no review), 24th June 2016


  • EP by Death And Vanilla


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