Live In San Francisco by Fuzz

Just imagine seeing Ty Segall's rock three piece Fuzz live in San Francisco? Well imagine no more as here is a recording of the rock behemoths in action on what was also Ty Segall's birthday. It perfectly captures their raw and ready hard rock sound with nods to Jimi Hendrix, Black Sabbath and Hawkwind full of elongated jams, guitar riffery and wild drumming and a great time was seemingly had by all.    

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Live In San Francisco by Fuzz
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8/10 Phil 05 December 2013

Ty Segall! That man! He's back! Not that he went anywhere but over the last couple of years he's been busy getting all popular and adored. It's hard work.

Anyway, he's continued his quest for musical infamy with a live Fuzz album out on Castleface, recorded on his birthday. He sounds like he's in a good mood but then it was his birthday so I expect he was having a great time until later when his ex turned up and it ‘got weird’.

There’s good and bad here. I’ll start with the bad. This isn’t an album. It’s 4 tracks played at 45 rpm so it’s expensive for what you’re getting. The good, though, is that it sounds amazing. It’s brilliantly recorded live onto a Tascam 388 and these 4 tracks sound like it was quite possibly one of the best gigs ever. This rocks!

There is absolutely no escaping the fact this sounds like Hendrix at times. It’s all about the riff, it really is. For me you can’t beat a 3 piece of bass drums and guitar. It’s simple, clean and to the point and that’s what you’re getting here. It’s completely derivative but what isn’t these days? It’s a total fuzzfest (I can tell how they stumbled upon their name) but it’s tremendous fun from start to end. It’s a shame it’s so short!

8/10 Kav 3rd January 2014

Having bought the Fuzz-Fuzz album,which does warrant 10/10,i decided to buy the live in San Francisco.this is a live EP not a long player,having said that it is worth having if you are a fan of the band.if you want a great live long player i highly recommend the Live Ballroom Ritual by Goat(now that is the live album of the year)

10/10 coffin dodger 20th December 2013

Right toe. I'm going take Phil to task here. If one is purchasing a Fuzz album, one pretty much knows what's gonna come outta your speakers at won't be sweet soul strings and it won't be a girly doo-whop chorus. Synths, friends, won't get within sniffing distance. It's Ty. It's gonna be loud. Very loud. It's gonna be riff after riff after fucking riff: and, it's gonna be great. And this is! Forgive me, in these austere times, but a live recording of this quality does not come along with the regularity of (yet)another rise in London house prices. The guitar noise that came outta my speakers stomped across my room, grabbed me the throat, slapped me round the head, and kicked me in the stomach. Many times. At the end of track 4, 'One', my speakers hitched up their floor spikes and waddled over to me. "Fucking hell, man!" They said. "That's the best live recording we've ever had the pleasure of..." They added. So, sorry Phil, mate, price or not, this slim volume is a TEN.



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