No Dreams by Noveller

Sarah Lipstate's got a new Noveller album coming out! 'No Dreams' has eight new tracks of her smudgy ethereal ambient pop full of sleepy drones and yawning trails of gleaming guitar noise, inspired by the artist's struggles to distinguish between reality and hallucination in the moments between sleep and awakening.

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No Dreams by Noveller
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9/10 Mike 08 October 2014

Sarah "Noveller" Lipstate, who has just announced her next album will be on Fire, returns this week with this beautifully packaged new LP full of her delicate, droney guitar loopscapes on Taiga. It's a dreamy and ethereal affair as ever, but interestingly she's thrown in the occasional non-guitar texture here, with a foggily throbbing beat underpinning 'Mannahatta', wheezing organ chords in 'Gathering of the Elements' and manipulated piano details poking out from the creaking drones of 'The Fright'.

'Rue de Montmorency' and the title track are the stand-outs on first listen. The former is a blissed out haze of soft, smudgy drones overlaid with simple, chiming guitar melodies which start soothing before slowly drifting into queasy dissonance before resolving with the same descending lick which opens the piece. The latter is a gracefully looped and dream-like fug of shimmering whale-call guitar drones and tremolo with an increasingly urgent scream of overdriven rain-flecked neon guitar gliding in urgent melodic arcs over it all. Honorary mention also goes to the cavernously distorted guitar tone which slices its way through the cosmic arpeggios of short-but-sweet opener 'Fighting Sleep'. Mesmerising stuff throughout.

9/10 Mex Mexico 28th October 2014

Well I was in Japan this time and I was like wandering around and I like saw me bredrin Mono standing outside a maid cafe. Hi they said to me and they said it in Japanese and shit and I said like hi back and we chatted and ting and they like said they were struggling to find their sound. Fam I said, you well have your sound and shit and then what they said (again in Japanese) is that they wanted that sound that they already had and they wanted like to turn it up. They wanted their loud to be louder and their quiet to be quieter and they just like wanted to be more and shit They said there were like four or five of them and they wanted to make a hurricane that would make people explode and shit. And they wanted Professor Brian Cox to lay some synth shit on there and like make things get better and shit. I looked up and like did a little whistle and said there was this little American (or Canadian who gives a fuck) girl already doing this shit and perhaps they should try some other shit and stuff. They looked at me and nodded with the maximum respect they could give and went in to the maid cafe.

I later found them playing a set of One Direction covers. They looked happy, but you could see them crying. I would like to think that was my fault.

9/10 Richard Customer rating (no review), 1st October 2020



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