Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller IV by Drexciya

Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller IV by Drexciya was available on Vinyl Double LP & CD but is now sold out on all formats, sorry.

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Vinyl Double LP £20.99 CCC 025LP

Repress 2LP on Clone Classic Cuts.

Sold out.

CD £15.49 CCC025CD

CD on Clone Classic Cuts.

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Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller IV by Drexciya
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10/10 Ant 19 December 2013

Drexciya had an underground cult following with techno connoisseurs across the globe, despite never performing live, DJ’ing, remaining anonymous and unphotographed, and rarely giving interviews. They let the records speak for themselves. The concept was always aquatic and they created this fantasy realm occupied by characters like Dr Blowfin and Darthouven Fishmen.

The Drexciyans were said to be African Americans that sunk to the bottom of the ocean while escaping from slave ships. We know now that the group consisted of Gerald Donald (Japanese Telecom, Arpanet, Der Zyklus, Flexitone, Dopplereffekt, Zerkalo, Zwischenwelt, etc.) and the now sadly departed James Stinson (Abstract Thought, Translussion, Shifted Phases, The Other People Place). They've always remained one of my all-time favourites and to my ears their catalogue remains timeless. Original Underground Resistance vinyls are highly sought after so this four part series will delight folks looking to get the tracks at an affordable price.

The tracks have been remastered, many of them never available on CD. A copy of their only other compilation 'The Quest' costs a fortune on the second hand market. These sets compile their early material i.e. stuff on Shockwave and UR, Warp, pre-Tresor. It goes without saying though that they are some of the most mesmerising electro and techno tracks to emerge from Detroit and even if you own originals these compilations are worth having. Out on Clones' Clone Classics label, simply because these are total classics.

This particular and final installment contains no less than six previously unreleased tracks! Drexciya have been a longtime personal favourite of mine so I think I’m going to save them and listen to them on Christmas night as a gift to myself because all I’m bound to get is a couple of pairs of undies.

10/10 Johnno 19th December 2013

Underground Resistance have given so much, so many transmissions from Detroit that when I frst heard them many years ago, sounded like some alien chatter from another dimension. Those names, Galaxy 2 Galaxy, Jeff Mills, Suburban Knight, The vision, Red Planet and of course Drexciya amongst the many giant talents sent out strange records as messages. Made on cheap equipment with Lo Fi recording attitudes, the funk was strong and the music Hi Tek. It's a shame so many so called 'Techno' producers are so wide of the mark today, mistaking darkness and brooding atmos for lack of colour and subtlety , Jazz and Soul for pastiche and recycling the same rancid ideas over and over. Detroit is, and always will be the Techno city. Drexciya use Electro templates bolted on to a Techno wire frame. In doing so they coupled this with a mythology and aquatic themed grace that outstripped and still does to this day, most of the competition to forge a futuristic sound that still resonates with emotion. You can't say that about 80% of electronic music now, let alone 'pure' Techno like this. All hail the gods from Detroit, they are the founding fathers of machine driven Soul music. I'm lucky to own most of the catalogue on vinyl, but I'm tempted because of the unreleased tracks. Buy on sight.


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