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Brendan Benson
You Were Right

Vinyl LP, CD. Lojinx

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8/10 Customer review, 13th February 2015

"You Were Right", The sixth album by Brendan Benson opens with "It's Your Choice", a great song that is reminiscent of any good stuff Steve Miller Band did. (There was some....Jet Airliner?) Like it's predecessor, "What Kind Of World", this is choc-full of great alt-pop. "Rejuvenate Me" and "As Of Tonight" continue on from the opener to make a thrilling triumvirate of melodic bliss. "Diamond" changes the pace a little but still, melody is at the forefront. "Log Term Goal" has that typical Brendan Benson stomp, like earlier classics such as "Good To Me". Another decent effort from an underrated artist.

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You Were Right by Brendan Benson. Vinyl LP. LJX063LP.

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You Were Right by Brendan Benson. CD. LJX063CD.

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