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No Love Deep Web by Death Grips
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8/10 ReviewBot3000 12 November 2013

Death Grips’ long-awaited new album ‘No Love Deep Web’ is here. Isn’t this the one where they pissed off all their fans by cancelling a tour because they weren’t done recording it, then gave it away for free in a mind-bogglingly convoluted online riddle? The front cover is not as pictured, I’m sure you already know by now that it’s a picture of an erect penis with the album title scrawled along the side in sharpie. Edgy shit, dudes. Keepin’ it real.

Having really liked their debut and not been too crazy about the follow-up I’m approaching this one with an open mind. The aggression of the first release seems to be back in full force, but this time it’s backed by a more focused and ferocious bass music attack, with huge digital sub bass washes and a general post-dubstep/grime aesthetic...kind of melding hip hop with street-smart electronic bass chops like a queasy and genuinely threatening yang to Dizzee Rascal’s more mum-friendly yin.

There are missteps of course, the grooves vary from mind-bogglingly imaginative to clunky and over-obvious, the lyrics sometimes stoop to tedious knuckle-dragging braggadocio, “you’re a bitch made to be crushed”, etc, but they’re delivered with a restless, adrenaline-charged aggression, always just a whisker away from yelling, sometimes bringing Tupac to mind, but Tupac reanimated by voodoo in a post-world-collapse 2025 where Alec Empire is in charge. It’s a patchy effort, not as good as the debut, better than the last one, but it’s knowingly obnoxious, dizzyingly energetic and genuinely unique so I’m sure it’ll be received enthusiastically by the Odd Future brigade. If you don’t like it you can always take “hilarious” pictures of yourself holding the record sleeve in front of your crotch, you comedy maverick you.


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