Phonautogram by Winter North Atlantic

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Vinyl LP £16.99

Ltd 180g vinyl LP on alt.vinyl in handmade litho printed sleeve.

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Sold out.

CD £7.99

Ltd digifile pack CD on alt.vinyl.

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Phonautogram by Winter North Atlantic
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8/10 ReviewBot3000 12 November 2013

Office favourite Ed “Winter North Atlantic” Carter moves to the unlikely home of Alt Vinyl for this, his third album under the WNA moniker (although he’s been a busy lad since the last record with projects including ‘~Flow’ - “a floating musical watermill on the Tyne commissioned for the 2012 Olympics”).

Now he’s back to making that delicate twinkly electronica we at Norman like so much, with ‘Phonautogram’ packed with silky, smoky and highly melodic compositions full of beats which fall somewhere between DJ Shadow and Fourtet along with evocative looped melodies from synths and guitars and vibraphones and things, taking the sound into more of a Forest Swords/Horror Inc kind of territory. It’s a delightful listen, I’m particularly enjoying the guitar parts which really bring a welcome brightness and warmth to the table but in that same weary, fractured way you’d expect from the likes of Hood or Tunng. I’m particularly enjoying the splashy Fourtetisms of ‘All The Rains Of May’. If chiming, subtle electro-acoustica is your bag, I recommend you give Winter North Atlantic a shot.

9/10 coffin dodger 16th December 2013

He's a clever bugger, this Carter bloke.

A phonautogram is the product of a phonautograph; the first machine made that could record sound. It pre-dates Edison's phonograph by some 17 years but the problem was that its inventor - Eduoard Leon-Scott - was only interested in the problem of how to record sound but had no interest in, or possibly conception of, its subsequent reproduction.

Recently, with the aid of computer-based scanning programmes, contemporary scientists have been able to 'read', process and reproduce the exact sounds of Scott's first phonautograms: sheets of 'smoked' paper onto which his recording stylus (a feather-quill) had scratched its vibrations in a detailed visual record. And of course that's where a lot of music is now, 2013, through the use of computers that 'read' visual interpretations of sound and reproduce them as for us to appreciate sonically.

Like I said, he's a clever bugger this Carter bloke. His music's ace by the way.


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