Starburst EP by Pearson Sound

Starburst EP by Pearson Sound was available on Vinyl 12" but is now sold out on all formats, sorry.

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Vinyl 12" £6.99 HES026

Repress 12" on Hessle Audio.

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Starburst EP by Pearson Sound
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9/10 Laurie 22 January 2016

This is not new by any means, at least for the fast-paced world of dance music, but we’ve got a few more of these in, a neat little Pearson Sound EP from late 2013. At this stage, having already firmly established Hessle Audio with Pangaea and Ben UFO, David Kennedy was messing about with all sorts of funky, breakbeat-y beat patterns, slow (‘Lola’) and fast (‘Starburst’), before the more straight techno of ‘Thaw Cycle’. He’s still deeply in love with his 808s here, as well as those weighty sub booms that entered back when he was making stuff as Ramadanman. The shuffly beats sound like they could be spitting out of an 80s ghetto blaster, but with a 2-step/grime sort of slant; you probably know the Pearson Sound by now. Sparse, funky and punishing.

‘Starburst’ is indeed an amazing tune, with much more of a gradual build in intensity before the ‘drop’, much like ‘Untitled’ that came out around a similar time. The difference is, the paranoid chords of ‘Untitled’ are replaced with some ravier, more blissful synths that offset the thumping womp of the bass in a brilliant way. Speaking of ravey, the title track does build towards a loosely 4x4 kick pattern, taking you right back to the 90s for a second before it falls apart again. Oh how I love this sound.

9/10 Jate 15th December 2013

Without a doubt, the 'star' of this release is Starburst. There's just something magically hypnotic about David Kennedy's production, and Starburst capitalises on all his great little ticks. With the trademark syncopation, 808s and incredible sub power, it's very hard to resist moving some part of your body during the bridge/build in the middle of the track. 'Lola' is more of a calmer, rhythmic roller, with precise and careful snaps and hats that make for a very intruiging listening experience. 'Power Drumsss' to me is a tech demo of Kennedy's musical knowledge. There are so many techniques and skills within this track that it's just utterly entrancing. I found it a bit repetitive and harder to groove to than the others on this EP, but still a great feather in the Pearson Sound cap. I highly recommend this vinyl to lovers of technological and clever music.


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