Warble Womb by Dead Meadow

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Warble Womb by Dead Meadow
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7/10 Clinton 04 October 2013

Phil, for some reason, was under the impression these played hip hop. Even I knew that they were more of a stoner/American rock group and generally as a rule I know nothing. The sleeve is terrifying. It features a wierd Orville the Duck creature which has sprouted branches. Dead Meadow, oddly, since their previous record have worked with Dave Davies of The Kinks and one of them has worked with Kim Deal and another in Pink Mountaintops. So they get about.

This is a sprawling album at 75 minutes but is high on quality. Opener ‘Six To Let The Light Through’ is a Neil Young ish stoned jam which creeps along but bursts every so often into melody but with lots of wandering guitar entwined. ‘1000 Dreams’ is remarkably catchy with a very ‘60s type vibe. It opens up like Brian Jonestown Massacre covering the Fab Four before wigging itself almost to death before returning to the initial sparkling jangle pop.

Dead Meadow veer between sometimes sounding like Neil Young then Paul Weller and at a few points horrifyingly like Oasis. Generally the consensus seems to be the nearest comparison is Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Don’t get me wrong there are some really good bits here where the band sounds amazing (the production is excellent - crisp, clean with just the right amount of ‘60s dust). The lengthy, sprawling nature of the album means that it's hard to get your head around it on first listen, I’ve been intermittently impressed and it does veer all over the place with moments of folky introspection, ‘70s hair rock and whatever in between.

8/10 ExLab 10th December 2013

After the masterpiece "Old Growth" Dead Meadow are confirmed as a beautiful top evolved heavy psych band with "Warble Womb". The disc is a real pleasure. Not a failure. Not a misstep. The Magic Touch by Jason Simon emerges in the wonderful pastoral allegories (something mentions his solo album) and the band gives the best of himself in "This Song is Over" and "Six To Let The Light Shine Thru" where a female voice is real new for the band's sound. Outstanding.


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