Ah, 'MGMT', the difficult third album. Sandwiched between the underrated and fan shunning 'Congratulations' and their acclaimed 80s aping 'Little Dark Age', the modern psychedelic pair recruited Dave Fridmann (Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev, Tame Impala) for an album of dense and woozy guitar pop.

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7/10 Nevan 28th October 2013

So much for turning a new leaf. The acid fried duo of Benjamin Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden aka MGMT have desperately tried to shake off their early success citing the 'Oracular Spectacular' era as one of naivety and good fortune. Ridiculously good fortune mind you; with over 1 million sales worldwide and 3 absolutely massive indie pop singles dominating charts for a good few years.

I must admit I did enjoy 'Kids' the first time it came around, but a year of that annoying synth melody takes its toll. Anyways, in 2010 the duo's successor to Oracular produced one of the biggest FUCK YOUs to the music industry seen this decade by releasing the intensely psychedelic, dense and 60's/70's influenced jangle rock of Congratulations. Fans sprinted away in their droves. Mixed to pretty terrible reviews dominated music blogs. Relationships with their major label allegedly grew tense. MGMT however left the debacle with their dignity in high esteem, no matter how many fans buggered off.

Now we arrive at LP number 3, in 2013, where indie charts are now dominated by Oracular rip offs and wannabes while MGMT recline in their revolving plush red chairs mocking the legacy they left behind forever it seems.

MGMT (the LP) itself is a thing of ugly and mangled beauty. A blend of pisstaking pompous pop and intense, dark psychedelia. Some songs catchy, others trance inducingly repetitive. Tracks 'Alien Days', 'Life is a Lie' and 'Plenty of Girls in the Sea' leads on from Congratulations more poppy moments, and throws them down a wormhole of Animal Collective indebted sound collage. Songs like Mystery Disease, A Good Sadness and Astro-Mancy however are tracks unlike anything they have put out before, where repetition and experimentation dominate. The songs are still emotionally engrossing and powerful however unconvential they are, and the band seem underrated at this point despite everything they've been through. Recommended for the psych crew.



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