Fuzz by Fuzz

Fuzz is the heavy rock band of Sir Ty Segall who you will know from Ty Segall and other enterprises. Alongside Charlie Moothart (guitar & vocals) and Roland Cosio (bass) the threesome live out all their hard rock dreams taking in bits of Jimi Hendrix and Black Sabbath and spewing them back out in a fuzzed up, garaged-out racket. 

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Fuzz by Fuzz
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10/10 Mike 26 September 2013

Those of you who were a little put off by Ty Segall’s recent slow-down on the dreamy ‘Sleeper’ can put away your tissues and put on your air guitar shoes because Segall’s new trio Fuzz finally drop their debut LP on In The Red this week and it’s an acrobatic blast of blown-out ‘70s-worship the like of which the world has never seen the like of which.

This is proper old-school hard rock with pounding drums, hi-gain shredding, amp hum and saturation and of course lots and lots of fuzz. It’s clear that the aim here is to turn those amps up to 11 and let rip, coming across like Ty Segall Band armed with The Heads’ rocket-fuelled guitar tones barrelling headfirst into the neo-glam stomp of bands like King Tuff and Lantern. Phil says it’s “kinda Mudhoney meets Hendrix”, all MC5-ish testifying over the biggest, filthiest Blue Cheer riffs you ever heard.

I don’t have a lot more to say about it than that. This is one of the most face-punchingly superb hard rock records I’ve heard in many a year. A sandblasting romp back to a time when rock was sticky, fun and relentlessly loud which makes the likes of Uncle Acid look sedate in comparison. Fuck the fakers, listen to Fuzz!

8/10 Rob Gannon 2nd October 2013

"You don’t, of course, need hours of studio sheen and overdub trickery when you’ve got a groove nicked straight from Satan, such as that which growls out of “What’s In My Head”. "

Read the full review here: http://www.sicmagazine.net/6318/fuzz-fuzz/


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