Cupid's Head by The Field

There's absolutely no doubting that Axel Willner likes loops and is very good at making them. His debut as the Field Here We Go Sublime is one of the best dance albums of the last 20 years but fourth album Cupid's Head is no slouch either. It benefits from being recorded solo  - just like his debut - and results in a kind of soft-hazed techno that goes wandering through the back roads of ambient heaven. Glorious stuff. 

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Cupid's Head by The Field
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9/10 Brian 26 September 2013

Over the summer we went to a festival in North Lancs and after setting up stall in the bustling, excited campsite, we chilled with the customary beers in the sun and unwound for a while. After a few minutes of stoic silence, my friend who had been sat gazing at the glorious panoramic countryside away from the impending madness of the arena, at a view that was as serene as could be, uttered the legend "Look at all those fields over there with nothing happening in them" in a real deadpan manner. It's tickled me to bits since every time I think of it.

This Alex Widemark guy, he's a Field. He also has plenty happening in him so there's no worries there. The press release for this record is the usual tedious face fart of hyperbole. Yeah, the remixes off the last album were apparently "universally acclaimed" and that very album was on "all the end of year lists known to man". Fuck me. The Field of dreams, Sonic pastoralism. Sheep-core. As it happens I really love Arvid Wedlund's material and 'Cupid's Hand' is really quite something, being a deft move into slightly more thudding and subsequently darker pastures. Hence the austere black sleeve. I think this one's got bulls in.

Yeah the kick drum on some of these tunes makes your balls vibrate, it's a distinctly more club-centric journey, often placing a greater emphasis on punchy propulsive mid-paced grooves without sacrificing any of the trippy loop-based hypnotic ephemera that is a distinctive, much-adored hallmark of his. A delicious shroud of heady cosmic wonder graces 'Cupid's Herd', something that always marks him away from the usual pack. It's a real gift to produce music that is as cerebrally satisfying as this: repetitious yet progressive, engrossing and yes, "sublime" dreamscapery that you'll not get tired of. If you like sensual, deep ambient-tinged techno made by clever Swedish men that is! It's indeed a pleasure to have you back Mr. Oscar Wilander.



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