Tally All the Things That You Broke by Parquet Courts

Honestly I'd be on all night, it's going to be a very long tally indeed. Tally All The Things You Broke was an EP released by Parquet Courts in 2013 under the name Parkay Quarts which they use sometimes but we're not sure why. It features five songs recorded in the initial sessions for their What's Your Rupture? album and showcases their fun and lively sound without particularly being a precursor to what followed. An interim EP, if you will.    

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5-track 12" EP on What's Yr Rupture.

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5-track EP on What's Yr Rupture.

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Tally All the Things That You Broke by Parquet Courts
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9/10 Brian 11 October 2013

Our Mike was one of countless indie yank-rock aficionados who couldn't get enough of their smash hit second album 'Light Up Gold', the first to ignite hefty interest beyond their NY homebase. I was fairly impressed too as they mine a certain rough-hewn new wave slacker sound that's as familiar to me as it is engaging.

This five track follow-up EP is cut very much from the same shambling melodic punky cloth, no wheel re-inventing here but who cares when there's such fun to be had eh? Our "NME-approved" Brooklyn quartet specialise in an earthy propulsive music that brandishes that superb raw spindly scratchy vibe much like early Strokes but with a more Wipers/Germs-like snotty attitude. There's also a recognisable Anglophile element that puts them on the same wavelength as British groups such as Southern England's sadly defunct Shitty Limits, or, especially on 'The More it Works', an underrated and quite wonderful Leeds combo called D'Astro.

So they're not actually a pastiche of The Fall or Pavement regardless of their sleeve designs suggesting as much, Mike was bob-on the money when he suggested Chris Leo (or either of the Leo brothers really) when commenting on the urgent chanty vocal style. Spanning the duration of these five excellent tracks reveals some distinct nods to such influential legends as Beefheart, Television, early Beck and ‘80s era Nightingales. I can hear Wire circa '77 in there also.

Overall they're super fun these boys - raucous, energised, and on 'He's Seeing Paths', deliciously funky to boot - this cracking closer is a bruising old-skool hip-hop tinged groover replete with a raw, hypnotic Dub Narcotic/ESG-esque bass line, teetering stacks of wibbly lo-fi experimentation and a barrage of bewildering samples. A very strong EP.

9/10 coffin dodger 19th December 2013

In this damned fine 5-Track EP, the Parkay Quarts (sic), as they moniker themselves for these cultural snippets, rock through a bewildering number of homages to the great and the good. And it all works, brilliantly. The sleeve-notes alone are worth buying the record for, going a long way towards explaining (albeit with a lot of tongue in a lot of cheek)just what it is that the lads are up to. The track by track explanation of each song builds to a humorous, but one suspects honest, interpretation of their view of their worth. (Hell,Jay-Z gets a mention!) They actually sound on all the tracks like they had a ball making this record (backing up Brian here last track's an amazingly good hip hop, yes hip and hop, out-take)...what I mean is that they sound genuine like it matters, cos I reckon it does. I reckon they're capable now of anything and even though this release is going straight into the 'play-once-a-day-for-mental-health-benefits' section of my records I sorta can't wait for their next outing already. There's a black and white photo of 'em somewhere and one of 'ems wearing a parka: un-ironically! That alone should tell you to buy this record. If you thought light up gold was good...well, it's just been pissed over.

10/10 Alan Customer rating (no review), 11th December 2018



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