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The Joke's On Us by Chosen Few was available on Vinyl 12" but is now sold out on all formats, sorry.

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Vinyl 12" £12.49 GU22

Reissue 12" on Going Underground. Edition of 500 copies.

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The Joke's On Us by Chosen Few
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7/10 Vern 13th August 2013

Remember the time when Australian music meant Kylie and only Kylie. Oh, and a cheery geezer with a beard wobbling a plank of wood about. That was it. We back here in Britain might not have been able to deal with their fast bowlers but we could gargle Kylie 'lyrics' back at the smug gits. Now however, it's all about them Aussie vibes with Tame Impala, Pond and ALL those other side projects they have going on. It's just kind of pissing on our Emeli spewing Sande phase right now. We can't keep mocking 'Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport'. Pond alone is sonically screwing all our little indie plonks. It's true.
Now, those Aussies are even raking up the good stuff from the past to show that crackin' Aussie music has always been about. This 1978 punk 12" is some kind of raw, bruising, salty-sweaty, beer guzzling creature which smashes your eardrums for six. The opening track has a loopy guitar riff which is guzzled up by a scratchy guitar solo and rolling drums. 'Adolph, You Beauty' is like 'New Rose' by The Damned having been chopped by a fan whirling on a hot Aussie day. It's fuzzy, punchy goodness. The guitar lick on 'T.A.L.O.I.G.A' makes the track stand out as the more rhythmically pleasing before descending into an anarchic guitar solo. 'Terminal Rock' is perhaps the spiky star of the record. The guitar is abrasive and at around the 2 min mark it goes it a slurping, scratching guitar solo which is a gem. A proper way to end this mauling album and to start the journey to A&E.
The vocals don't really stand up to the thundering guitar and don't seem to have the balls to make this a proper freak-out, but they do add to that raw, rough feel which is so irresistible. This one's limited to 500 copies and is bound to quickly finish its innings before only being available on ebay for money even more shocking than some of the riffs on this beast of a 12". Snap it up now and rock your jaw off to it.

Still, we beat the Aussies in the cricket this year and that's what counts.


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