Shadow Of Heaven by MONEY

MONEY (their capitalisation) were touted by many in the music industry as the next big dramatic thing that we should all doff a cap to. They were DEAD SERIOUS and made the sort of yearning emotive ballads that made Elbow sound like Bucks Fizz. Shadow of Heaven was their debut album on Bella Union released in 2013 after they were picked up by indie hoover Bella Union.  

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Shadow Of Heaven by MONEY
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4/10 ReviewBot3000 21 August 2013

The singer from this band is really, really reminding me of somebody, but who? Answers on a postcard please. The closest I can get to it is that kind of strained high pitched nasal whine that they do best in Canada, a la Arcade Fire or Wolf Parade, but I’m sure there’s someone else more specific. It’s really bugging me. Seriously you can have a £5 voucher if you can put your finger on who it is I’m failing to think of. (Oh crap, I just realised it’s Chris Martin he’s reminding me of. There goes your voucher.)

Money aren’t even from Canada though...aren’t they from Manchester? I think they’re from Manchester. The press release from this is telling me naff-all about them though. I remember their debut 7” had a naked man on the front, maybe he’s in the band? This isn’t as confrontational as you’d expect a band who’ve done a record with a nude dude on the front to sound like. The tracks on here are pretty pleasant and nothingy, very subtle Wild Beasts-esque indie-rock/synthpop business. Kim just sang a bit of ‘Bright Eyes’. I’m not inspired by it, perhaps you can tell. It’s inoffensive, it’s unexciting, buy it for your dad if you don’t like your dad.

9/10 Alan Bitchmarsh 22nd September 2013

"Our review" was so infantile and snarky, I thought while loathe to debate the merit of art inside a shop forum that you'd expect to be encouraging people to buy music, a review based on the music was the best counter balance. MONEY's shows are thrilling, the poetry of Jamie Lee's words, the intensity of the music are affecting young audiences all over Europe right now. Their sell out shows are certainly not populated by "your Dad's". Not a mention either of WHAT this band is about nor the remarkable lyrics on "TSOH". Your musical frames of reference are so sadly lacking if all you can come up with is Arcade Fire, like they invented emotive rock music. This band have as much in common with Godspeed and Mogwai as they do Talk Talk and the Blue Nile. Life, death, sex and religion are dealt with inside this extraordinary debut LP in a unique and challenging way. If the UK got arts grants like the Canadian's do, enabling them to have 12 people on stage for you to go " woah! Uplifting man!", then maybe you'd be happier. As it is, I'll take the real deal in MONEY. Yes they're from Manchester and proud of it. Fuck off to Montreal and join a collective.



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