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Peter James Taylor

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9/10 Staff review, 08 August 2013

Peter James Taylor was in Action Beat, I’m not sure if he still is. On this record he’s going under his own name but he’s certainly not alone. In fact he’s put together an ensemble of a dozen guitarists, two bassists and two drummers for an LP of swirling, squalling noise rock whose dense wall-of-guitars sound is impossible to write about without mentioning no-wave mavericks Glenn Branca and Rhys Chatham and their apocalyptic guitarmies.


This is more celebratory than Branca’s ominous rumblings, though, and more relentlessly rockist than Chatham’s ethereal uplift. The drummers pound out tribalistic repetitive grooves while guitars swoop and clang and mesh together in a flood of overtones which conjure up all sorts of sounds - strings, choirs and brass seem to be drifting around underneath the guitars at various points even though you know they’re not there. There are six compositions on this album but they’re all focused on that same aesthetic of lots of guitars making lots of noise. If that’s something you like, buy this! Aside from the aforementioned New Yorkers there aren’t many people out there making this kind of a racket. It’s a life-affirming combination of bombastic noise rock and chin-strokey extended music that you’ll keep coming back to.

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