Caim In Bird Form by Basic House

Caim In Bird Form by Basic House was available on Vinyl LP & Tape but is now sold out on all formats, sorry.

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Vinyl LP £13.99 DigiV054

LP on Digitalis.

Sold out.

Tape £7.49 OPAL073

Cassette reissue on Opal Tapes.

Sold out.



Caim In Bird Form by Basic House
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8/10 Ant 02 August 2013

‘Caim In Bird Form’ was previously issued on cassette by Digitalis and is the work of Stephen Bishop who runs the Opal Tapes label.

The pitched down dialogue sample that opens up this record sounds really familiar to me. I just can’t put my finger on it, I swear I’ve heard it before somewhere. Accompanied by the spooked electronics it gains additional emotional weight. There’s a familiar feel throughut this record. Not one I've feeling you’ve heard it all before rather it’s like a gateway back into an alternate dimension once visited after taking two many naughty things. The slow motion shimmering fractured dub-scapes and stoned techno pulse really set off the trip. Then we wander into a woodblocky, tribalish percussive loop that seemingly seems to bend and warp around gnarly mutating bass and trippy bleeps. It reminds me a wee bit of Little Dragons or Matthew Herbert when he’s been on form. Things really get going into darker terrain sounding like someone smeared ectoplasm all over your Chain Reaction collection which could only ever be a thing of greatness.

Over on the second side of the record things become increasingly unsettling with a slow syrupy yet mechanical stomp and gloopy and crunchy electronics, at times reminding me a little of some of Chris Douglas’s work. Later I hear what sounds like a ghost steam train zooming into some weird technoid bleeps then things close with what sounds like weeping strings bouncing around an almighty echo chamber and very beautiful it is too. Recommended.

10/10 Laica 2nd August 2013

The name Basic House suggests anything but the sound that you are about to hear: this is house music stripped of all of its glitter. House music with a broken heel and make up smudged across its cheek.
Caim in Bird Form is hard to describe: it’s music that comes from a place that was once house or techno but is now none of those things whilst still being both of those things. It still has that pulse and backbone but the sound is much more alien. Like Ekoplekz and Delia Derbyshire meeting Lee Perry to make house music.
I hope this doesn’t offend anybody because I mean it in the best possible way: this is new music and new music should look to the past as well as the future. If it does not confuse you a little bit it must mean you have heard it before.
Head straight for 64 Bummer or Ultra-Misted; my particular highlights from Caim in Bird Form. The floor fillers if you will. Played at volume these two are both amazing and TV Illness the last track on Bishop’s album is perfectly eroded ambiance. Head somewhere new and give it a go.

8/10 mbleming 2nd August 2013

So sad to publicly admit to this, but the sample is from the HBO show True Blood...the wife, I blame the wife for this useless knowledge. Great record tho!


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