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Dirty D

CD. Rocket Girl

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8/10 Staff review, 21 August 2013

I was complaining earlier about all the records I had to review today being too dark, and the music gods seem to have been listening because everything I’ve had since has been delightful, especially the Gold Panda-ish synthtronic subtlety of the new Shigeto album which I’d happily have listened to twice. Now it’s Fuxa’s turn to caress my senses with his synthesizers and understated beats on his newie ‘Dirty D’.

It’s an understated collection of gorgeously cycling beats, subtle details and a few surprises (penultimate track ‘Unknown’ mixes some swooshing Fuck Buttons-esque synth ambience with surprisingly guitar-centric melodies) compiled in a way which is constantly pleasing to the ear. It’s constantly melodic and drifts along at a gentle pace and yet the songs themselves never outstay their welcome. Kind of like a warm, comforting yin to Boards of Canada’s jittery paranoid yang.

‘Shout Out Loud’ has a boy singer that sounds like Brian Ferry but probably isn’t Brian Ferry. I’m resisting the temptation to look up who it is though because I like the idea that it’s Ferry. Single ‘Sun Is Shining’ has a girl singer sounds like an early Chemical Brothers take on John Denver’s ‘Leaving On A Jet Plane’ but not in a bad way. However the album closes with a cover of ‘Stand By Me’ which I think is universally regarded in our office as a misstep but it could be more offensive I suppose; more just a bad idea than a crime against music. Many of the songs are silky little vignettes which suck me in and then spit me out before I’ve really got to grips with them, but as an album it all gels together beautifully up until that last track.

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