Stay True / Get With Me by PINS

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Stay True / Get With Me by PINS
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6/10 Mike 24 July 2013

I just took a cheeky mini-break from reviewing to listen to ‘Rainmaker’ by Sparklehorse. It’s still as good as I remember. Now I’m reviewing the new 7” by Manchester all-girl post-punk quartet Pins, who have the misfortune of sounding an awful lot like another all-girl post-punk quartet who’ve been garnering lots of praise for an okayish album already this year. The comparisons to this band, whose name sounds a bit like “sandwiches”, are bound to come thick and fast, but this isn’t a debut release so I’m pretty sure Pins must’ve been going since before that band emerged and the similarities are at least mostly coincidental, you know, parallel thinking, so I’m not going to over-egg it. It’s fair to say that if you’re a fan of one you’ll probably like the other.

With that out of the way, how about the songs? Well ‘Stay True’ is a slickly produced bit of post-punk with booming drums and forthright vocals which goes from sultry understated twanging to pounding mid-paced dark-rock like an edgier The National. Then on the other side there’s a shorter and harder song with more of a rock’n’roll vibe called ‘Get With Me’. They’re both perfectly adequate songs, but it’s kind of bad luck for them turning up so soon after a band who’ve had all the same ideas.


ADDENDUM IN RESPONSE TO CUSTOMER REVIEWS: Apparently I have a problem with women now because I used the term "all-girl" in comparing two bands who just so happen to all be female. Sorry girls. If you would like to hear me being more positive about women in music you are welcome to investigate my reviews of Ela Orleans or Drugstore or Julia Holter or Goat or the new Lantern record to name but a few before you make a judgement on whether I have a problem with the fairer sex.

8/10 EachAndEvery 25th July 2013

Is this the same Mike who posted the sexist 'joke' the other week? Does he have some kind of problem with women? I can't wait for the day when the fact that a band is 'all-girl' is noted just as often as when a band is 'all-boy'. NEVER!

7/10 Girl Groups 24th July 2013

Saw this being 'discussed' on Twitter and thought I'd join in the fun too. And I've no idea what your reviewer is on about either.

WTF is "darkpop"?

Sounds like Savages? Get to fuck.

Stuff and nonsense boy! No to mention a bit patronising.

5/10 good times 24th July 2013

I'm no fan but this sounds nothing like Savages. Very weak reference.

Vivian Girls without the longing would be more appropriate.


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