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So You Are… So You'll Be by White Hills
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8/10 Clinton 16 August 2013

They say I’m past it. Clint they say, you just don’t understand what the kids are listening to these days. White Hills seem to have made an alarming amount of records for a band who I have never heard a single note by. But I’m learning,  people, I’m learning. I learnt yesterday that for example they are about to go on tour with The Cult.

Today,  in the absence of anyone who actually knows what they are talking about with regards to stoner rock, I will attempt to tell you all about their new disc. Now its safe to say that if there is a rule that I’m forced to live by in my music listening is that if Julian Cope likes something, I’ll invariably hate it.  I'm exactly the same with Dermot O’Leary’s music taste. I don’t know why but the stoner rock groups always remind me too much of leather jackets. White Hills are big on the circuit of people who buy expensive vinyl, worship at the altar of Hawkwind and spend their days waiting for Gnod to make a new record. Its a worthwhile past-time   - you could replace the band names in that sentence and pretty much describe any of us.

From the opening blasts of this new album White Hills appear to be masters of top notch riffage, the rhythms are vaguely kraut like in their repetition, guitars redefine the world chunk and are vast shards of riff. The only bits I don’t like are when they veer off in a twiddle tantrum which is usually after three and a half minutes of each song. Like any good space rock group they veer off into more ambient territiories,   ‘The Internal Monologue’ is pure cosmic ambience while ‘So You Are, So You Will Be’ veers impressively off course from its psych rock blastings towards lovely stretched out notes and guitar detrius.

They interject the songs with squiggly synth noises. ‘Forever in Space’ is tumultuous riff/drone in the manner of Loop lurching along energetically until Slash turns up half way through to add his guitar while the chords descent underneath is a vaguely Stooges ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog’ manner. Its certainly blown away the cobwebs.  




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