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Various Erased Tapes Artists
Erased Tapes Collection V

Vinyl LP box set. Erased Tapes

  • Vinyl LP box set £80.99 inc. download code + shipping
  • SUPER DELUXE Ltd 5x dinked 7" set in rigid debossed box w/ screen-printed inners on Erased Tapes. Edition of 500 hand-numbered copies (ERATP050BS)
  • In stock. Ships in 1 working day.
  • Hurry - limited stock!


9/10 Staff review, 18 July 2013

Lovers of minimal pop and consumer fetishism will no doubt be excited to pay £80 for the five most luxuriously packaged 7”s I think I’ve ever seen. They come in a chunky box debossed with the Erased Tapes logo, and then once you’re in there’s five dinked 7”s in screenprinted sleeves and then a numbered sixth sleeve with the real icing on the cake - a cleaning cloth and a gorgeous thick plastic record middle in the shape of the logo. Truly this is not just a collection of ten songs but also a beautiful thing which will exude class and sophistication even when filed discreetly away amongst your other beautiful things.

With that out of the way, there’s also music on it. Exclusive tracks from Rival Consoles, Kiasmos, Anne Muller, World’s End Girlfriend, Frahm, Brodders, Codes In The Clouds, The British Expeditionary Force, Olafur Arnalds and A Winged Victory For The Sullen Chamber Orchestra. It ranges from grown up pop to coffee table electronica to solo piano and neoclassical and it is all without exception very tasteful. There’s even a download code which you’re not allowed to use until Christmas Eve so it’s a gift that keeps on giving. It’s these little details you pay extra for you know. Buy it, enjoy it, and for heaven’s sake don’t tell your wife how much it cost.


Addendum: In response to the customer review I would like to make it clear that the final comment in this review is merely flippant and I have no problem with straight women, gay men or the unmarried from buying this collection. I don't even have a wife myself, I just thought I was being funny.

8/10 Customer review, 25th July 2013

So, after a couple of weeks of conversations with myself going along the lines of, "I can't justify that!" and "but it's only the cost of a tankful of petrol!" and "yes, but.." etc etc, I finally did the inevitable and ordered it!
It arrived this morning and it is unsurprisingly a thing of beauty. The solid, slant cut box displays the Erased Tapes logo in black on dark grey, as it is embossed (debossed?) it gives the package an even more quality feel. The five exclusive 7" discs are each housed in thick card sleeves each marked I - V slanted to match the cut of the box. Additionally there is a sixth sleeve containing a monogrammed cleaning cloth and a rather lovely 7" adaptor in the shape of the mountain logo.
To retain the exclusivity for a bit longer, each of the ten tracks (one each by artists currently on the label's roster) are not available anywhere else and the download code included is not valid until 23rd Dec 2013. Hopefully no-one who buys one has a vinyl-usb device and leaks them, surely no-one who buys these sorts of things would be so underhand!
I am currently on my first listen through and there is quite a wide variety of sounds, from the gentle piano composition "Little Boy In A Spacesuit" by Nils Frahm, chaotic weirdness from World's End Girlfriend and finishing with the delicate beauty of new tracks by Olafur Arnalds and A Winged Victory For The Sullen.
Yes, it is expensive, some might say prohibitively so, but now I have one in my clutches I'm very glad my internal argument came to this conclusion. This delightful object will now have pride of place amongst my other things that I would try and save if my house caught fire! Apparently mine is number 166 of 500 so there are still plenty left, go on, you know you want to!

7/10 Customer review, 18th July 2013

Thanks very much for writing the review, which I read with interest. I feel slightly affronted that you assume the only people who would buy this collection are male though.

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Erased Tapes Collection V by Various Erased Tapes Artists. Vinyl LP box set. ERATP050BS.

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