Inventions by The Sufis

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Inventions by The Sufis
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6/10 Penrith Steve 29th July 2015

Not since “Start” by The Jam has the bass line to The Beatles “Taxman” so obviously stolen as on “All Of The Time”, the opening track of The Sufis “Inventions” album. Although this is a more wonky, broken take on it. The album is steeped in psychedelic sixties-isms. “Most Peculiar Happening Cat” has a title like a Lovin’ Spoonful song but sounds like a stoned version of Syd Barrett’s Pink Floyd covering The Beatles, or vice versa. “I’ll Come To See You” is reminiscent of Olivia Tremor Control but lacks their knack for melody.

In fact, the melodies on this album kind of go missing in an attempt to make the voices sound more stoned and far out, maaaan! It’s a bit of a shame really as I think it would be better if they tightened up a bit in places, occasionally they do and that’s when “Inventions” sounds best. They’re similar to Lilys, but not quite as interesting. If you want a bit of ‘60s psychedelic revival stuff The Allah-Las are better.



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