Glynnaestra by Grumbling Fur

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Glynnaestra by Grumbling Fur
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9/10 Clinton 19 July 2013

So this is the third installment of the ongoing collaboration between Alexander Tucker and Daniel O’Sullivan (Guapo, Ulver etc) and...hang on ...ok I’m back, now armed with a chocolate digestive, or more accurately a slab of them as the sun has stuck them together. Yep so this is their third album and the first thing that sticks out is second track ‘Tiger Tank’ which starts in a pulsy kraut-y vein before bringing in a repetitive vocal line which (and I know it shouldn’t) reminds me of both Tears For Fears and The Beta Band.

From there the track reverts to its kind of Moroder vibe seguing nicely into ‘Eyeoreseye’ which is full of  beautifully twinkly electronics. ‘The Ballad of Roy Batty’ starts with handclaps and a fuzzy synth but its the vocals that have produced an office discussion. They sound remarkably like Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode. I knew Tucker’s voice reminded me of someone but I kept thinking it was Roland Orzabel.  The premise of a lot of these tracks seem to be to build up ryhthms with percussion and synth then let on about half of then let Tucker sing over them. Its very effective; ‘Alapana Blaze’ has a very Tom Waits vibe to the layers of percussion.

‘Glacticon’ sounds incredibly like the beginning of Boards of Canada’s unsurpassable ‘Roygbiv’  - with muttered indistinct vocals coming in and out of the mix and gorgeous big fat synths. A really great track and as good as the record is, sits head and shoulders above the rest. The sign of a good record here at the towers tends to be when staff ask what is playing. So far, three people (out of a possible three) have asked what this was, on two occasions I had a mouth full of biscuits so just had to wave the sleeve at them. 

8/10 brownowa 9th September 2013

Yay! Space Party!
great upbeat tunes, without a capital T, that feel both like the future and that great point in the early 90s when indie kids made great dance records, Aphex Twin was part of the dance scene and old punks made blinding techno live shows. Makes me feel quite nostalgic. But not old, it's all to smiley for that, even the slower more somber pieces. It's all the wobbly noises in the the melodies and burried in the click tracks that do that. Plus the overall tone and feel of the album is so positive. Glitter in the dark.



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