Axis (Boys Noize Remix) by Pet Shop Boys

Axis (Boys Noize Remix) by Pet Shop Boys was available on Vinyl 12" but is now sold out on all formats, sorry.

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Limited Vinyl 12" £5.49 X20001VL1

Ltd indies only limited 12" on x2 includes Boys Noise mix!.

  • Indies only
  • Limited edition
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Axis (Boys Noize Remix) by Pet Shop Boys
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Oh, excitement! There’s a box here from the Pet Shop Boys’ new label x2 containing this indies only 12” single and their brand new album ‘Electric’. After last year’s reflective ‘Elysium’ the PSBs have deliberately decided to make a dancefloor-oriented record, so what you can expect from album-opener ‘Axis’ is a slow building synth pumper with intense Carpenter style synth pulses that kicks in with stomping Detroit-influenced beats with loads of classic PSB synth and drum sounds, simple melodies and very minimal use of vocals, with the main samples seeming to be Chris saying “electric energy” and Neil saying “turn it up” and “electric”, but all the vocals are pretty heavily processed so it’s not instantly obvious who’s singing what. Still the beats are heavy and the synth work is playful, it’s like they heard all the Moroder- and Carpenter-obsessed young synth tykes like Kavinsky and Palm /| and threw those hard-hitting atmospherics into their already classic sound.

Over on the other side is the Boys Noize remix which is a total dancefloor filler. Crisp hard beats, chopped up synth, a crazy hands-in-the-air build up and some unprocessed vocals I didn’t even notice in the track itself. Both the original and the remix are great, though; car chase synths, danceable beats, and by the sounds of it a reinvigorated Pet Shop Boys. Can’t wait to hear the album now! Also this was sold to us as a white label but actually the labels are printed - can’t imagine that’d actually bother anybody but I thought I’d mention it so people aren’t confused when their labels aren’t white.

1/10 THE ATX 10th July 2013

This is total dross. Sounds fuck all like John Carpenter, and the beats sound nothing like a Detroit record I've ever encountered and is the sort of garbage pilled up numpties at Gatecrasher get off on. This is music for plastic ravers that have never been to a decent proper rave. I expect the Ibiza brigade will be all over this shite.

The Pet Shop Boys were decent in their day, made some great synth pop but getting Boys Noize in to do a remix stinks of trying to be current just like Vince Clarke and Martin Gore did with VCMG and failed miserably. At least they had the sense to pull in Regis, Byetone, Edit Select etc.

This is "Techno" for people that buy records from Urban Outfitters and read Mixmag which has always been the bible for people that think Tiesto and Judge Jules are the second coming. I'd be fucking embarrased to have this in my record collection. Even after about 20' E's and a half ounce of coke I'd rather listen to Mr Blobby.

9/10 William Webb 7th July 2013

As any Pet Shop Boys release, this is a great collectors item... The very first release on their new Record Label.


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