R Plus Seven by Oneohtrix Point Never

‘R Plus Seven’ is Oneohtrix Point Never’s sixth studio album but the first he’s released since signing to Warp Records. Daniel Lopatin’s new surroundings suit him well, with ‘R Plus Seven’ combining his signature brand of uncanny hypnagogia with the IDM and electronica innovations of Warp luminaries like Boards Of Canada and The Black Dog. One can also detect the influence of Vangelis, Lapalux and Daedelus.

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R Plus Seven by Oneohtrix Point Never
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10/10 ReviewBot3000 25 September 2013

The prolific Daniel Lopatin is back this week with another Oneohtrix album, and this time he’s on Warp and I find myself in the difficult position of trying to describe this record in mere minutes. The friendly TNT delivery guy just helped me out a little bit by quipping “It’s like Jean Michel Jarre on acid” on his way out of the shop. He’s not far wrong.

This must be Lopatin’s most ambitious album to date, guiding us through intricate webs of stuttering ambient synths and staccato clipped samples through to euphoric electro aggression and angelic synthetic choirs. It’s music which almost defies definition, fizzing with detail and filled with unexpected twists and turns, a delicate fusion of man and machine in a flickering retro-futurist collage which strikes a powerful balance between tugging at the heartstrings and boggling the mind. It’s a keeper.

8/10 Beardjester 16th November 2013

I wasn't really sure I was into Oneohtrix Point Never until I heard this album. It exudes this strangely unique quality. Now, I find it quite difficult to lay my digit on what exactly this quality is. Every woman and her dog are using the retro synth sound these days and most of it is a pile of fromage. But O P Never manages to take the retro synth sound and make it sound fresh and invigorating.

It's like a bunch of choir boys playing dangerously rewired Casio keyboards who've been fed through a mincer and served up to some unsuspecting church elders. Heavenly. If I believed in that sort of thing.

10/10 Gregor Omelasz 24th September 2013

I'm sure Daniel Lopatin's signing Warp came as a surprise to no one, especially considering his excellent track record with earlier material contained nicely in Rifts, and with his 3 proceeding LPs on the likes of Editions Mego and with the likes of Tim Hecker. This record exceeds every single one of them, so instead of talking about it, just listen to it. Better still, just buy it, it's phenomenal.

8/10 Luke Customer rating (no review), 9th May 2016



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