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CD on Electric Dance Music inc. Heidi Lord, Jidomatix, Black Narcissus etc.

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EDM B2 by Various
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9/10 Ant 13 July 2013

A few years ago for around six months the Rephlex flag flew at half mast while die-hard fans keenly waited vinyl pressings of the Zwischenwelt and Dwayne Omarr releases to appear on vinyl which were unfortunately never to materialise.

Then over a period of months records by Photodementia and EOD began to surface. The former not bearing the Rephlex name and a fake press release. There was much speculation as to whether this was a Rephlex associated project and after another 12" and a CD it emerged that David Barnard (Monolith) was behind the work. Then the first edition in an apparent 26 CD series of 'EDM' compilations arrived and an AP Musik CD (which was later to be discovered to be one Aleksi Perälä) The 'EDM A2' disc caused quite a stir as to who was behind the tracks, some of the pseudonyms were obviously the work of Jodey Kendrick, others are yet to be confirmed. So although these CD's don't bare the classic Rephlex logo the Braindace flag is clearly flying high. And it's great to see them still nurturing new blood.

'EDM B2' is an excellent selection of both club and home listening with contributions from Heidi Lord, Compo Mendez, Jidomatix, Black Narcissuss, J.K., Alain Kepler, + 10 and TX81z. I suspect this may all be the work of Jodey Kendrick but I think the intention here is to take the music on face value and have no expectations from who's behind it and let the music do its thing.

There are some belters on here traversing classic uplifting Braindace moments of sheer joy that really remind what a gift electronic music is. Electro (check the sinister sci-fi futurist 'Clodah' Part 2', break beat/ hardcore, techno etc. All expertly constructed with groove, funk, soul and energy. Some superb beats on here and really affecting melodies. As well as the more floor friendly gear there are also many more chilled quieter moments of reflection like the lush darker ambient moments of Black Narciussus' 'Till The Rains Break' and the soundtrack-ish 'Man Hunt 1' and 'Billy' by J.K complete with sinister strings and piano.

Good shit all round and I'd say essential for any true Rephlex fan or just fans of well produced and mainly original electronic music despite a few obvious (good) inspired reference points and theres fuck all wrong with that so people on the WATMM forum should stop being cry babies.

It works dead well as an album to listen to in its entirety rather than skipping through to a few choice tracks. I'd say forget about who may or not be behind these tracks. This is proper 'Electronic Dance Music' - Just let the music take control. There are moments of darkness, melancholy as well as euphoria, more accessible and some stranger moments so it's quite a ride.

Also I'm liking the minimal, simple yet affective graphic design too and tongue in cheek EDM reference. This is turning out to be quite a series and judging by the amount of copies we have shitting out the door you guys are lapping them up. Keep em comin'. Recommended



9/10 dave 25th July 2013

let me start by saying this album is flippin sick but made me forget my pack lunch. dont even bother trying too find out about who done these songs, if you google rob kidley you just get a load of rubbish about peope steelin human organ.

instead just listen like in the good old days when you sit on a comfy chair then up with the volume, thn a good bit come on. And you have to get up again to express your joy through dance or whatever. Then sit down again. Just make sure it's loud and your woofers are as big as mine and you will go on a journey through tempos, noises melodys and emotional stuff (bass). I've herd people use words braindance which makes me angry because its true, like pizza makes man fat.

*EDM is an anagram .. thanks.

9/10 Jimbus 24th July 2013

being a keen beanz Rephlex purchaser since the early 90s I am reviewing this release with a slight bias, but who cares!

Second in what hopes to be a long line of instalments. This is akin to someone giving me a really great mixtape every few months for around 9 quid a pop, bargain eh?. I have no idea who is on it and I don't care either.

There's no real proof this is actually Rephlex. I am purely speculating. Apart from Jodey Kendrick and Grant Wilson Claridge posting links to it on their facebook pages I have no hard proof. I do enjoy this whole speculation guff though, it gets all the train spotters hot under the collar about who exactly wrote these tunes, much like previous ditties by The Tuss and also the "it's AFX, no it's Squarepusher...maybe it's Ed DMX?" Steinvord EP. The point is, for me at least, that you listen to them devoid of any real identity, they 'might' be Jodey Kendrick they might even be our Lord and Father, Richard D James. One thing's for certain is that they are ruddy good.

This album is the follow up to the other one that looks the same but is a different colour and has slightly faster tracks. It has the same artist names with a bit of a twist, vague credit notes and not much else. It really is Rephlex at its best - utilitarian almost home-made design and the good quality tunes. Can you please put some space dust packets in the next release please.

"Stand out tracks for me are Compo Mendes by Compo Mendez no less which sounds like a laid back wobbly Tuss mixed with some Vibert/Simmonds action, this really is understated sweeping electronic funk at its best, instant classic. This is followed up the chugging belter GM by Jidomatix with its gnarled vocals and jutty shuffle beats, nice. All the tracks are top drawer and worth a mention but give it a listen and see for last mention is for Heidi Kann Brauchen by Heidi Lord, this one to me sounds just like AFX, but it can't be him, maybe it is, no, maybe it's Kendrick...etc etc


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