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Vinyl LP, CD. Deathwish Inc.

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10/10 according to on 22nd June 2013

If you are one of the black metal kvlt elitists who thinks that the genre became stale after they stopped burning churches, stop reading this now (although the album's pink cover has probably put you off already). For everyone else who has even a slight leaning towards heavy music, I encourage you to read on and delve into the sheer delight that can be obtained from this album.

I'm not one to pigeonhole bands or albums into particular genres, and this album is much the same; there's a wide array of influences and although the music is generally regarded as black metal, the vast soundscapes heard on this album imply a range of other influences from emo to post rock with epic crescendos and gut-wrenchingly heartfelt moments. The four main tracks on this album may be longer than the average person would desire, but the length of each track is necessary and doesn't feel forced. Some may say that the interlude tracks are unnecessary, but they provide a much-needed breather between the moods that each of the tracks convey.

In short, this album is a masterpiece and deserves to be listened to. Buy this and enjoy what may well be the album of the year.

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Sunbather by Deafheaven. Vinyl LP. DW146LP.

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Sunbather by Deafheaven. CD. DW146.

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